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    1500 HE vs VC/all comers

    At my local club theres been alot of talk and alot of people starting VC of corpse (lol). so i figure that will be my new opponent 50% of the time. so iv come up with this list that should counter a >2000 point army of dead.
    Little Preview:

    Noble (bsb)
    10 LSG
    9 DP
    19 PG or SM
    2 RBT

    Noble-bsb, lance, shield, dragon armour, battle banner (leading in the main charge...good for taking out necros/vamps...the banner will keep me out of losing rounds too badly if i flub on my rolls.

    Mage-lvl2, dispell scroll, seerstaff (il be using drain power or courage on my units to prevent from runing so easily or preventing the necros from raising units too fast.

    10 Lothern Sea Guard-shields, musician, standard, warbanner (home for my mage, also to protect my mage, help take out that vargulf and protect my RBT.

    9 Dragon Princes-Full command, Lion standard, amulet of light (well this unit with the noble with battle banner will pretty much multch and undead unit....period. id perfer a flank but i could always front on charge. i could take on etherel...which is what they will prolly throw at this units. lion stardard is key here of corse.

    19 Phoenix Guard-Full command, banner of arcane protection, skeinsilver.
    (having fear is gunna help so much here. the thing is im not sure if i should use swordmasters instead? if i do they will be in 2 units of 10. first turn is a big advantage for not allowing the undead to have 2 magic phases before i charge. so thats why i have skeinsilver.

    2 RBT-well...vargulf and softening up the unit my dragon princes will be charging.

    I know i only have 3 units....but my strategy is going to be to destroy one unit at a time, then work to the next. most VC armys iv seen have small uinits of core to start. so i think my dragon princes could possible obliterate a unit in 2 turns maybe 1 if i get a flank. Phoenix guard will provide as a major anchor while my dragon princes do there thing. swordmasters should provide enough kills to stay around.

    another question i would like ot ask is would this army be able to do well as a all comers 1500 list? provide i switch PG to SM or WL. and switching out lion banner for ellyrion banner.

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    I like parts of the list, but you really need to rethink a few things or play/read the new VC army book first. Your thinking that you can take on 1 unit at a time is faulty. VC are built to last in combat. Their magic is better than ours and so you will not destroy all of his units in 1 fell swoop. If for no other reason, than something called Invocation of Nehek, which allows the VC player to place a unit of zombies right in front of your dragon princes forcing you to charge them and expose your flank to something like black knights, grave guard, ghouls, skeleton, or whatever. On the flank, you'll get 4 str 3 attacks, maybe. Maybe because there are so many ways the VC has to strike first. Or using the helm of commandment, you'll have to go againse WS6 skeletons who may have killing blow and hit you on 2's.

    You're basically gambing 1/2 your army on an item that you could roll a 1 on.

    Dump the battle banner
    split up your dragon princes into 5 and 6 (you can still run your prince the same but I would get some magic items - so he could at least dish out the hurt on a vampire if needed or keep himself from dying - right now he's pretty frail.)
    Run either PG or swordmasters. SM will need the gem of courage/lion banner and some sort or magical attacks so they don't lose to wraiths (maybe give the mage biting blade)
    You'll need decent magic defense (annulian crystal will cripple them and help you dispel more of the piddly stuff) Personally, I think multiple small units of swordmasters would be better without banners, because you're still going to be outnumbered by a bunch.

    I would drop one of the RBT if not both, I really don't think they are powerful enough to take out a decent unit of fell bats or dire wolves which can be attacking your RBT's turn 2. You would be better served with more troops.
    Last edited by buckero0; March 31st, 2008 at 14:42.

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    Hay there mate just a few suggestions up to you if you use them. i play mostly undead armys and found these combnations effective.

    Noble = drop the bsb give him, heavy armour, shield, lance, guardian Phoenix, and helm of fortune, braded steed. this gives you a 1+ amour save as well as a 5+ ward Or give him star lance strength 7 on charge and smash that black coach to splinters. I have found the charge is strong but if you are facinging undead you cnt break them so they are not going any wear so when the second round of combat happens he is only hitting on strength 4 not great aginst those tough units ( blood Knights ). I like running mine of foot with armour of caledor, Guardian phoenix, and great weapon. Hes got a 2+ armour save, 5+ ward and hits with strength 6 all the time. Put him in with Phoneix guard with amulet of light need i say more.

    Mage L2 = Drop seerstaff you get drain magic anyway and your first spell is a ward save spell cast it dragon princes for that turn 5+ ward NICE. Give him annulian cystel. If you can spear the points a L1 Mage scroll caddie 2 x dispell scrolls. you get 5 dispell dice plus 2 dispell scrolls plus 2 chances at drain magic bye bye enemy magic phase.

    LSG = i never play these personly but from what i have heard dont. points better spent on a unit of spearmen do the same job only cheaper.

    Dragon princes = buckero0 said it all

    PG = drop banner they got ok armour and good ward save they will be fine with out it. If you run noble on foot your unit of 19 will tie in nice. good size unit with nice save and a mean front line.

    RBT = as buckero0 said may not last passed turn 2 ( happened to me plenty of times )
    VC have very limited shooting so an eagle or 2 may work nice to slow his march down and hunt those necros.

    Those are just what i think up to you mate good luck

    Thanks Jkeg

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