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    1500 One Off List

    Just trying to throw one together to both break in some of the new models of various armies I've been assembling, and to play a new player who can only field like 1600 tops, and an old friend who wants a fast game or two this week.

    H/G- Caradryan
    (w/ Ph. Guard, for now... debating White Lions, then switching which unit has 11/12/13 strong to accomdate)

    H- Noble w/ BsB, Dragon Armor, Dragonscale Shield, Sac Incense
    (w/ S.Masters, newbie is playing Wood Elves, my friend can theoretically field a dwarf gunline, -1 shoot = good)

    H- Noble w/ ShadowArmor. Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon
    (w/ Shadow Warriors)

    C- Archers x10 w/ Music

    S-Phoenix Guard x12 w/ FC, Warbanner [5x5x2, but 6x6 an option]
    S-Swordmasters x13 w/ FC, Std. of Balance [6x6x1, but 7x6 an option]
    S-White Lions x11 w/ FC, Lion Standard [5x5x1]
    S-Shadow Warriors x5

    R- RBT

    RBT and Archers help in case I need to shoot fast armies (ala Wood Elves)

    Elite units operate as a massed front, trying for flanks or generally assisting each other.

    Shadow unit I'm almost trying to mimic my JSoD tactics of my Lizzies, only a slower hero but with back up. SHOULD, at 1500, wipe out anything in the back line pretty fast... and be a nasty surprise for smaller units from the side like smaller knight units and the like.

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    It looks good. What do your gaming buddies usually play? What armies do you face?

    I think it could suffer to heavy shooting or strong magic.
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