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    2000pts Friendly

    I'm trying to get a good list to kick arownd with my friends. Unlike 40k i don't haev alot of fantacy experiance. I was wondering if you would mind giving your oppinion of my list.

    -Blade of Leaping Gold, Sword of Strenght.
    -Lion Chariot.
    -Great Sword, Armor of Caledor.
    -Ring of Furry.
    -20 Spearmen w/ Full Command.
    -20 Spearmen w/ Full Command.
    Sword Masters of Hoeth
    -9 Swordmasters w/ Full Command.
    Silver Helms
    -5 Silver Helms, Full Command.
    Dragon Princes of Caledor
    -5 Princes.
    Shadow Warriors
    -12 warriors.
    Reaper Bolt Thrower
    Giant Eagle
    Giant Eagle

    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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    Hay there got a few suggestions up to you if you want to use them? ( please excuse the spelling )

    I am going to asume that all the characters apart from korhil are on foot. seems to me more of a close combat list you are going for? if so:

    Prince- Cant have 2 magic weapons as thats illegal. never used blade of leaping gold myself and wouldnt suggest you do either 7 strength 4 attacks just wont cut it against any of your mates characters and this guy needs some armour bad. I dnt know weather you have saved time not writing it or just have forgotin, so in my opinion one of the best combos around is:
    Prince : Vambraces of defence, Armour of caledor, great weapon. give him amulet of light if you want the attacks to be magical. this guy is not over he top but still will be competitive.

    Korhill- we dnt allow named characters at our club games so one of the other guys will have to help you out there. Just watch out for strength 7 attacks on the chariot.

    Noble- would be better to give him a braded steed and helm of fortune place him in with dragon princes and you got one mean unit.

    Mage- the ring is a waste of points with just one mage any of your friends will dispel it with ease. This guy would be better served as scroll caddie eg 2 dispel scrolls using high magic to cast drain magic or sheild on swordmasters

    spearmen solid

    swordmasters- seam to be a flanking unit so go 7 wide. drop the command. if points allow maybe a musician. may even find room for two units?

    Sliverhelms- seem a waste of points for 7 more each you could have another unit of dragon princes?

    Dragon princes- go 6 wide seams the best way to run these guys ( if you put your noble on the steed place him her to make 6)

    Shadow - dnt no bout these guys havnt used them my self so best left to the others to comment.

    bolt solid

    eagles solid

    thats just my thoughts any questions just ask

    Thanks JKeg

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