After my vampire count enemy thrashed my origional and pathetic army (bloody useless dwarfs make bloody useless allies) in a map based campain I decided to take his base cavern (the map is underground) which is the only place he can get troops from with my fleeing troops (15 spears.) But now I need to hold it from him. So I need an army. I only have 635 points to spend but I have the origional 15 spearman anyway. I've come up with this so far:
1 level 4 archamge with the staff of solidity+amulet of light
14 swordsmasters
9 White lions
15 spearmen (these are left over so they don't have to be paid for.)
635 points.
What do you think, bear in mind that my enemy has gone for a nasty combat army not a magicy one.