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    ~1.5k Balanced List

    ~Noble, Army General -154 points
    -Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might, with Dragon Armour, Shield, barded horsey
    This is the army genereal. He will go in the unit of Dragon Princes to counter charge or break small units. His combination gives him a +1 Re-rollable Armour Save with three Str 5 attacks. Me gusta mucho.

    ~Mage -185 points
    -level 2, dispel scrolls (2), silver wand
    This is your standard Caddy but with a little flavour, as he knows three spells and is almost adept at magic. He might get spells through depending on whom I'm playing.

    ~Archers (10)
    These are my most effective Dryad killers. My friend plays wood elves and these guys have beaten them up in close combat more than any other unit. No special characters or items, but they stand on a hill in a 2x5 formation and make the silly treefolk run away and get overrun. They shoot arrows too.

    ~Phoenix Guard (15) Full Command
    The Mage will go here, as Phoenix Guard don't like dying.

    ~White Lions (15) Full Command
    These little buggers will either hide out in a forest and try to get close, or attract arrow fire from people. Either way, their goal is to get into close combat with big-folk and chop 'em up good.

    ~Dragon Princes (5) Unit Champion
    The general goes here. These guys will either counter charge or destroy small units. With the general in there there will be fourteen Str 5 attacks on a charge with another 6 horsey bites to follow up. Me gusta mucho tambien.

    ~Ellyrian Reavers (6) Bows and Spears
    These will either hunt war machines or bait charge, the only things I foresee as a problem is that they lack a musician, but I couldn't make three ld. 9 rally checks with them last game, so there's not much hope there.

    ~Shadow Warriors ( Shadow Walker
    I rarely leave home without these guys. If they're not war machine hunting then they're march blocking. If they're not march blocking then they're getting rid of that rank bonus on a group. Also they're pretty.

    ~Repeater Bolt Thrower
    Standard killin' stuff machine.

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    Well it looks like a well balanced list, although I do have a couple of suggestions.

    1) I would give the Noble the amulet of light and drop the sword of might for a lance. This gives him the 3 str 6 magical attacks on the charge, as well as making that entire units attacks magical.

    2) If you are using the mage as a scroll caddy, drop him to lvl 1 and drop the silver wand. He won't have enough dice to do damage, let alone cast 3 spells, so you might as well save the points.

    3) Drop the shadow warrior champion. He is a waste of points for what he gives you.

    4) With the points saved, get a musician and standard on the Dragon Princes and give them the banner of ellyrion. This makes this unit a lot faster, and able to do some horrible manuevres.

    I hope this helps

    :ninja3: out
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