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    Getting Back Into HE. 2250 pt list.

    I've been out of the game for a while and just picked up the new codex. I came up with this list for a game scheduled this weekend. Should be a 2v2 with chaos hordes, wood elves and tomb kings.
    Teams will be random.

    Teclis XXX

    Caradryan XXX

    Noble 165
    -Barded Steed, Great Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armor
    -Reaver Bow, Talisman of Loec

    20x Spearmen 230
    -Full Command, Lion Banner

    10x Archers XXX

    20x Pheonix Guard 405

    -Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Skeinsilver

    5 Dragon Princes XXX

    5 Dragon Princes XXX

    5 Shadow Warriors XX

    4 Repeater Bolt Throwers XXX

    Total: 2250 Exactly

    Defensive strategy. Spearmen and Pheonix Guard should hold center with Dragon Princes as flankers. Teclis can hide with pheonix guard and dominate the magic phase. I'll take high magic since it seems so utterly perfect now. Ward saves on both main infantry units is beautiful, add in stubborn? Wow. Combined with the raw power of great damage spells and support like arrow attraction, I should be sitting high and mighty casting many spells a turn. Four repeaters, reaver bow and archers should be able to destroy big threats while hammer and anvil can take down what reaches the lines. Thoughts?

    Please do not post individual points costs of units without upgrades or characters in future - GN out

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