My New 2K HIGH ELF ARMY - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hi, i finally bought that models for my army, and so no longer have to proxy them..
    well here it is, it works very well, and its fun to play with.

    Extra Level
    Ring of Fury
    Jewel of dusk
    Dispel scroll

    Dragon Mage.......350pts
    Extra Level
    Guardian Pheonix
    Silver wand

    Battle Standard
    Dragon Armour
    Talisman of Loec
    White Swoed

    10 Spearmen........100pts

    10 Spearmen.........100pts

    19 Pheonix Guard....339ts
    Standard - Warbanner
    (a magic item that gives them cold blooded for one leadership test)

    10 White Lions.........199pts
    Standard. Magic Resistence (2)

    1 Lion chariot...........XXXpts

    2 x Reapeter Boltthrower XXXpts

    Any suggestions on an edit, but i will explain it little before i leave it to your scrutany.

    Archmage goes with the white lions, run through woods to act as moster killers or flankers, (a needed unit as a support unit against those new hydras)

    noble with pheonix guard to give them the much needed punch, as well as a rerollable leadership test which can be combined wiht that crucial coldbloded should u NEED to pass the LD test

    dragon mage for sheer casting ability, and to work with the chariot. these wil both work together if i can help it.

    spearmen flee to set up enemy units into vulnerable flanking positions

    Lastly pheonix guard pack a punch and only ever have a 50% chance of dying no matter what they are fighting against, not likly to flee on the first time which gives me plentl of opportunity to get a support unit in there.

    bolt throwers to take out opportunist ranged units,

    there you have it, a well rounded force i thought. capably strong in magic but not too much so, enough magic defense, and units that work together well.

    Please don't post points costs of individual units and models without upgrades - GN out

    Last edited by gingerninja; August 18th, 2008 at 16:32. Reason: Points

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