Hey got a tourny coming up should be fun no overpowered lords and lots of units to kill. Heres my list its a counter defence list so the tactics are to pepper the enemy with magic and shooting set my self up for good charges and counter. The list is magic heavy but wanted to spend most of the points in specials, as thats what high elves are all about, and seems this tournys made for it.

Noble - great weapon, armour of caledor, gardian phoenix
mage L2 - ring of fury, sliver wand
mage L2 - dispell scroll, ring of corin

spearmen x 20 full comm

Phoenix x 19 full comm, gem of courage
dragon princes x 6 std, champ, banner of ellyrion
dragon princes x 6 std, champ, warbanner
shadow warriors x 6
whitelions x 8 std, champ,banner of sorcery

bolt thrower

total = 1948

power dice = 6 + D3
dispell = 4 + scroll
Bound items = 2

would like to drop banner and make the second mage just L1 as i find this is enough magic but cant find a place to spend the points any suggestions.

Thanks Jkeg