Hi all, i made a 2000 pt army to fight my friends army who plays empire, so here the list:

-Archmage, lvl.4, Folarith's robes, jewel of the dusk = 320
-Mage, lvl.2, silverwand, ring of fury = 185
-Noble, great weapon, armour of caledor, guardian phoenix = 143
-Archers x11 = 110
-Spearmen x20 with MSC = 205
-Phoenix Guard x14 with MSC, banner of sorcery = 290
-White Lions x7 with champion = 117
-White Lions x7 with champion = 117
-Ellyrion Reavers x6 with bows = 126
-Chariot = 85
-Bolt throwers x2 = 200
-Great Eagles x2 = 100

I know that my friend will use a lot of shooting in his army so that is why i didn't take any swordmasters. I know he will take at least 2 cannons, a mortar and possible a tank or hell blaster as well as a couple units of hand gunners. My hopes of dealing with this is to send my eagles up one side of the table and the reavers up the other side in hope of destroying his cannon crew or just march block depending on the terrain. I could also use my bolt throwers to take out his cannon crew/handgunners if i wanted to. I also took some magic to further deal some damage before we meet up in combat. My archmage and noble will go with the PG and my other mage will go with the Spearmen. Im also using 2 units of white lions to flank/support my PG and spearmen and the reavers could also flank and rear charge if they had to.

I was wondering how I would deal with his tank if he were to take it? I will probably be taking high and heavens for magic but that may depend on what he is taking. Any experience players here know how to deal with empire, any advice and comments are welcome.