Hey all,

I started with HE years ago, but along my travels i found myself in the company of skeletons and alot of sand. Recently i started playing warhammer online, and the swordmaster class has inspired me to return to HE. Following is a 1000 point starter list to get me back in the game. It is envisioned as a general list, however the main opponent is a lizardmen player who loves tepok (magic resistance).

The list:

1x Unit of 16 spearmen and standard.
1x Unit of 16 archers, 16 men

1x Unit of 5 Dragon Princes
10 swordmasters, used as two units of 5 seems popular.

1x RBT

1x Mage
level 2
Jewel of dusk
dispel scroll
Maybe a points sink on an army geared towards magical resistance, but i'm hoping the extra level and jewel will offset this.

1x Noble
great weapon
armour of caledor

Points: 988.

The idea was to use the swordmasters detachment style with the spearment, who would be joined by the noble. The mage would accompany the archers and with the bolt thrower provide support. To this end i'm thinking the ring of fury for the mage would be better for ranged support.
The DP's would be looking for some nice flank charges, though they could have some more oomph if i put the noble on a mount with them.

Thats what i've got so far, and i'd appreciate any feedback or comments.
Thanks in advance for your help.