• Caradryan
  • Korhil
  • Mage #1
    lvl2, Elven Steed, Guardian Phoenix (5+W)
  • Mage #2
lvl2, Silver wand, Jewel of the dusk, Guardian Phoenix (5+W)
  • Spearmen #1 (20)
    Full Command, Lion Standard. (immune fear and terror)
  • Spearmen #2 (20)
    Full Command
  • Phoenix Guard (20)
    full Command, Keeper of fire has Armor of Caledor (2+save)
  • White Lions of Chrace (20)
    Full Command
  • Silver Helms (
    Full Command + shield = 2+
  • Dragon Princes of Caledor (6)
    Full Command

Total points

i play with a very diverse group and i think this would be a very solid list to run against most. but heck i am extremely open to new ideas that and if you use any online figure slang please lengthen it for me hence i don't get online much i figure it all out. Thnks a bunch