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    new player, need advice on my list

    so i am completly new to warhammer, i have payed one game and am currently getting pieces together, but i have made 2 lists and dont know wich one to choose or if i can improve either one, please give me some suggestions

    1rst army list

    Prince on moon dragon-lance-armor of celedor-vambraces of defense-536


    15 sea gaurd-fc-shield-220

    10 archers-110

    5 dragon princes-150

    5 dragon princes-150

    9 pheonix guards-fc-banner of sorcery-215

    6 white lions-champ-banner-biting blade-124

    5 shadow warriors-80

    1 great eagle-50

    2 bolt throwers

    2000 points, mage goes with pheonix guards, chooses arrow attraction and flames of pheonix, shadow warriors and eagle placed as needed for war machine hunting, set up
    ----- --------------- - ---------- - ===== ------ Dragon -----
    DP Sea Gaurds RBT Archers RBT PG WL DP

    2nd army list

    1 archmage-silverwand-ring of fury-310


    10 archers-110

    15 sea gaurds-fc-shield-220

    15 spearmen-fc-160

    9 pheonix guards-fc-banner of sorcery-215

    11 white lions-champ-banner-159

    5 dragon princes-150

    5 dragon princes-150

    5 shadow warriors-80

    1 great eagle-50

    2 bolt throwers-200

    1999 points, archmage goes with the pheonix guard, mage goes with white lions and chooses lore acording to enemy,shadow warriors and eagle are placed as needed to go war machine hunting, set up
    ----- --------------- - ---------- - ===== ====== ----- -----
    DP Sea Guard RBT Archers RBT PG WL -SM- DP

    Let me know what you guys think

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    okay well wfirst: elcome to Warhammer and the Asur my friend!

    about you're lists:
    i like a foot slogging prince with support so neither list is my thing, though for you're first try you have done rather well IMHO.

    list 1:

    armour off Caldeor can be replaced with dragon armour, and shield more easily. The dragon will confer a bonus to you're armoursave aswell so that's saving points. Maybe give him the starlance instead of a normal one.

    Try and take a second mage with some magical defense, maybe with some dispell scrolls.

    seaguard are not too great generally speaking.
    Use a big (minimum of 20) unit of spearmen and support them with those 10 archers.


    beef up the phoenix guards. If something reaches combat with them, you will loose them and you're mage very fast. (make them 15+, preferebly 20)

    Wite lions, drop the biting blade on champion, his Great Weapon hits harder then the biting blade and then beef up the unit. (make them 10+)

    shadow warriors are good.

    Dragon Princes. Make one unit of 6 and use the other ones points to beef up the infantry. Give the surviving one the banner off Ellriyon.


    Good. The Eagle is good as are the RBT's.


    List 2:

    Not bad, i like this one above the first one.

    Most of the comments from above count here aswell though i would suggest adding a commander for some killing power.
    Give the archmage the jewel of dusk, not the wand. 4 spells is a lot as it is and more power dice are always handy.

    so yes here again:

    -drop the seaguard.
    -boost the white lions and phoenix guard
    -boost one unit of princes and drop the other.

    for the rest the list looks good.

    I hope it helps, if not keep asking

    "Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers; all of which are true and terrifying to know"

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