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Thread: 2000, Teclis.

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    2000, Teclis.

    I've been wanting to try a huge combat rest unit with HEs, Its easy to avoid those units, bit if you wanna avoid mine you are going to risk being flanked by lion chariots or dragon princes.


    Noble, Barded Steed, Battle Standard, Battle Banner, Halberd

    10 X Spears, Musician
    10 X Spears, Musician

    14 X White Lions, Full Command, War Banner
    Lion Chariot
    Lion Chariot
    10 X Phoenix Guard, Banner, Champ, Banner of Sorcery
    Dragon Princes X 6

    Total = 2000

    Teclis will go with the PG, I have always had luck with this unit protecting him since shooting just bounces right off it. Caradryan and the Noble go in the White Lion unit. So it will be a stubborn unit that causes fear and has a BSB, Battle Banner, War Banner for huge combat res. I will issue challenges a lot in this unit so that my noble will only be hit by regular units instead of lords and heroes. I would probably have 1 unit of spears on each side to protect flanks while the DPs would be on 1 far side and the lion chariots on another to do some flanking. I think shadow magic would fit this list really well because of unseen lurker, that unit of WLs id want into combat as fast as possible, also really like shadow with Teclis because of how squishy he is, and steed of shadows is a quick cast away if he gets into trouble.

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    I'm not a HE player, so just take this as a passing comment from a member of the race that owns your Phoenix Crown :Q

    I think your spearmen should really be at 15 wounds. At 10, they'll just lose so much to shooting to the point where you're just throwing combat res away if you try to use them as flankers. Also, I advocate full command on Spearmen units.

    Again, I think your Phoenix Guard are looking a little skinny. It'll only take a Heavy cav charge to break them... Something like a unit of Bret knights would have no problems taking it head-on and chasing Teclis down. PG do make excellent bunkers, but they really need to be equipped with either a Battle of Banner or Korhil to keep them rooted. It may be an idea to take Korhil instead of Caradryan... putting Korkil in the PG and giving the White Lions the Lion Standard to generate that fear immunity.

    I'd drop the DP down to 5 and take a musician... without Great Eagles (Which in my mind are the best thing in the HE book. Great Eagles rock!) they'll be furfilling your charge baiting role and you want the extra +1 to rally.

    Also, for the points cost, I don't think Lion Chariots are worth it. Plain old horsey chariots are just as survivable and only slightly less killy for their reduced points. I might drop them down to regular chariots and use the points on more PG.

    Showdows is a very nice lore for Teclis. As you say, steed should keep him alive for a few extra turns and an irresistable Unseens Lurker at the right time can be game-making.

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    for 2k the PG are a small unit (then again i've held up a unit of greatsword (10 strong) and warrior prist for a fair number of turns, rolling pritty badly at that). I wouldn't worry about heavy cav breaking the PG. But i have to agree with waru about the Spearmen, at 2k their way to small; in fact their a waste of points at that size, archers would be better. If you want to use spearmen at 2k they must be at least 20 strong, preferably more. you also have no shooting faze, which might be a probly. the list doesn't have the ablity to thin ranks before you oppent units make it to you.

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