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    2250 Magic/balanced force

    hey guys i wanted to see what ya'll think of my list!
    archmage book of hoeth lvl 4 -360
    mage lvl2 jewel of the dusk dispel scroll 160
    mage lvl 2 silver wand dispell scroll 185

    20 spearman STDB Mus warbanner- 220
    10 archers- XXX
    5 shadow warriors- XX
    1 lion chariot
    15 phoenix guard- full command 274
    10 sword masters full command 199
    5 silver helms XXX
    3 Bolt throwers XXX

    well pretty much my arch mage is going to use magic to hammer the enemy with the lore i see fit
    the 2 other mages are for support
    shadow warriors are for character hunting and war machine slaying
    the lion chariot supports the large spearman on the charge..a nasty combination i have come to find
    the 15 phoenix guard are my other block and they are supported by the 10 sword masters
    5 silver helms for flanking
    and 3 bolt throwers to wreak havoc
    whatcha think?

    Please do not post the costs of units without upgrades in future - GN out

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    I'd drop the command on the swordmasters (maybe keep the champion) and bulk up the PG if you can. I don't see the banner of sorcery anywhere and if you plan on playing magic heavy (light on combat troops) then I think it is a must, as well as the ring for a bound item.

    I think a great eagle to slow the enemy down is also necessary. Otherwise against some armies, you only get 1 magic phase before you are in combat and usually less effective.

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