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    2250 points for tournemant

    Hi Members,
    I'm in a 3 round 2250 point tournament that has painting, composition and sportsmanship along with winning as point scoring.

    Each of the three games is worth 20 points, painting 15 points, army composition 10 points and 5 points for sportsmanship in each game. There is also a 1 point bonus for writing fluff about your army.

    For composition there are restictions. No more than 10 power dice, 2 Terror causers Maz, 3 flyers Max, 450 max on a unit or character, 2 special choices the same max. minimun core choices.

    Prizes are for Best overall, best painted, best gerneral, best sport with no one getting more than one prize.

    Here's my army

    Noble - mount, enc. shield, barding HA, and Foe Blade
    mage L1 - Ring of fury
    mage L1 - 2 disp scrolls

    two units of 10 archers
    two units of 15 spearmen - full com

    5 Dragon princes - full com- Banner of ellyrion
    Tiranoc chariot
    Lion Chariot
    12 White lions - full com- Lion Standard
    7 Shadow warriors
    15 Sword masters- full com

    2 RPB
    1 Eagle

    You can see this army is light on magic with 2 level 1 mages, has no terror and only one fear causer, and one flyer.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance
    Sandy Death

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    Hi Member,
    This is the fluff I wrote to accompany my army list and gather 1 point for my total score.

    Strange Alliance
    On the third day after the fourth full moon in the year of 2484 a strange occurrence happened in the High Elf realm of Alrum El. A coach traveled down the main road approaching the High Elf Prince Masem’s castle.
    This wasn’t an ordinary coach by any means. It was a Black Coach used by the feared and hated Vampire Counts Empire. It was pulled by 2 skeletal horses and driven by a Cairn Wraith. Alarms were sounded and a rapid High Elf force quickly massed to vanquish this abominable threat.
    But the Black Coach carried something else besides its Ghoulish Casket. It carried a white flag of truce. Probably the only other race that would have honored such a flag was the Bretonnians.
    Prince Masem rode out to meet the Black Coach with a guard of Silver Helms. Their horses were skitterish and so were the riders. But Prince Masem knew enough not to show fear.
    “What brings you to our realm foul creature? And speak quickly for my Silver Helms have only a little respect for that White Flag and none for your kind”, said Prince Masem.
    “This coach carries the casket containing the Vampire, Count Manfred Prunda”, replied the Wraith in his ghoulish voice. “And Count Prunda carries the ‘Ebony Key of Carral’. The Ebony Key was captured from a band of greedy Dwarves seeking gold where they shouldn’t had been. Before the Dwarf Lord died he told us the story of how they came by the Ebony Key of Carral. That isn’t important though. What is important is what the Ebony Key does.”
    “And what is that filthy creature?” asked Prince Masem.
    “The Ebony Key is used to lock and unlock one of the “Gates of Hell”. Chaos is and will continue to mass Daemons. Two Daemons armies have already been loosed upon our worlds. And many more will follow unless that Gate is relocked.” answered the Wraith.
    “Give me the key and the location of the gate. I will gather an army of High Elf warriors and lock the gate. The Daemons will remain in Hell. And you and your Vampire Master can return to your horrible nighttime activities.” said the Prince.
    “Ha ha haaaa” howled the Wraith. “Fool of an Elf. Somewhere in this realm a village is missing an idiot. Can that be you sir?”
    Prince Masem in an instant had his sword out, but the Wraith hurriedly replied, “The Ebony Key of Carral is not a simple key to be inserted and turned. Magic is also required. The ‘Lores of Death’. Do you know the ‘Lores of Death’ Prince Masem?”
    “No” said the Prince
    And the ‘Lores of the Vampire’ are needed too. Do you know the ‘Lores of the Vampire’, Prince?” said the Wraith.
    Again Prince Masem replied, “NO”
    “Then will you escort us across your land so my Master can lock Hell’s gateway?

    This is my Fluff. When I put my High Elf army on the table (made up of entirely toughness 3 Elves and one T=4 Great Eagle) I will also have on the table a VC Black Coach. The BC will remain in the back. It won’t do any fighting or affect anything. It will just be there to support my fluff.

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