2250 star dragon close combat HE - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 star dragon close combat HE

    Dear whomever

    I am posting this list for my daughters new army. She has been playing a magic heavy shooting army with Teclis. She just turned nine and while she is getting the magic and shooting down, she is losing in the deployment and movement phase. Meanwhile I am learning to depend on magic and am being defensive. I believe a good defense is a strong offense.

    So here it is and please feel free to correct me, offer suggestion or just tell me things that work better or these things do not work.

    Star Dragon
    Armour of claedor
    Blade of leaping Gold

    Mage first level dispell scroll jewel of the dusk
    deploy with spearman HE lore spell 1 for swordmaster protection

    mage second level seerstaff dispell scroll
    185 deploy with the sword masters

    10 archers XXX

    24 spearman 5x5 full command banner of lion courage

    lion chariot XXX

    21 sword masters full command amulet of light

    5 Dragon princes banner of ellyrion
    musician and standard bearer

    2 RBT XXX

    wareagle XXX


    This is a new try with a whole different theme. Freely comment.

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    I am whomever......

    Right, well first of all, I quite like the structure of this list, especially the massive block of spearmen. I have always found these units to be dependable anvils with which to smash against enemies, surviving long enough for the counter charge.

    My main concern with the list is the lack of protection on your prince, and the mish mash of magic and large unit of swordmasters. A unit that large going up against any army with a degree of shooting will be looking for an ass whooping. Even if you were able to get off shield of saphery, the shooting will whittle them down very fast.

    In the case of the prince, drop the blade of leaping gold. Unless you are facing horde armies, this is a waste of points. Get the Vambraces of Defence and a Lance. This will increase your strength on the charge, and improve your defence.

    I would drop the lvl 2 mage down to a level one, and swap their kit for an annulyian crystal. This will improve your magic defence and allow you to get a second scroll on the other lvl 1 mage.

    Finally, I would drop the swordmasters entirely, or swap them into smaller units of 7. That way you could have 2 units of 7 swordmasters and maybe a unit of 10 white lions, giving you some flanking support.

    Just my thoughts

    ninja out
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    who is she playing mostly? If this is just a family game, I don't see any real problems with the list. I find that in trying to teach new players that the less magic items the better. It also may come down to what miniatures you have.

    Is psychology an issue? I agree with most of what gingerninja said and prefer his mage setup over yours to maximize magic defense (you won't get many spells off if any with lvl1 and lvl2 anyway) Plus, you'll want to keep that expensive dragonboy safe. Vambraces and armor of caledor are pretty standard for a dragon prince. You could still afford the sword of might if magical attacks were needed, otherwise, the lance is probably suitible and cheaper.

    Maybe build those last 6 archers and use them as shadow warriors to hunt warmachines. What other options do we have for your list? what other info can you give us?

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    We play family games to get her knowledge of the mech. of the game. On saturdays we go to the local gaming store and are willing to take on all comers.

    There are a lot of units out there which cause fear and terror. Not getting a charge off and having the unit fail their leadership is quite a pain. It could change your whole attack.

    Yes I have change the items on the Lord to vambraces of defense, armour of caledor and sword of battle.

    As far as other opinions at this time Jenee likes the sword masters. I have tried to talk her into white lions or PG but no go yet. Maybe when I get my list of white lions painted up I can change it. And of course she wants more.

    Appreciate your comments.

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