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    3 Escalation Lists up to 3000.

    Please give me some feedback on these. I'm am going to get to 3000 total.


    Mage lvl 2 seerstaff
    Noble BSB reaver bow, Gw, dragon armor
    12 lothern sea guard with shields
    7 swordmasters, no command
    7 white lions, no command
    15 spearmen, full command, banner of sorcery

    Step 2...

    Archmage lvl 4, silver wand, ring of fury, dispel scroll
    10 more spearmer in initial regiment
    10 archers
    3 more white lions and full command on the unit
    20 phoenix guard full command. Maybe more sorcery banner here.
    10 silverhelms, command, ellyrion banner
    RBT # 2
    Lion banner on while lions


    Step 3...

    Prince, moon dragon, dragor armor, seafarer bow, helm of fortune, enchanted shield
    5 ellyrion reavers, musician
    RBT #3
    gem of courage on the bsb

    Thanks in advance for advice!


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    Your noble on the dragon is a big hitter. Why give him a bow? The armour is very good. An archmage does not really need the silver wand.
    Your unit of spearman can not take the banner of sorcery. Try the banner of lion courage.
    Most people take Dragon Princes over silver helms, 2 attacks plus their armour more than makes up for the point cost.
    Even after your upgrades your LSG are still small, for less cost you can get 10 archers.
    Did you forget to include your eagle from the second to the third upgrade.

    The amulet of light is a nice magical item to take against undead, daemons and some other units. It makes your attacks for that unit all magical.
    Banner of arcane protection is a nice one to take also.
    Where is the noble going. Remember if you march you can not shoot. Hopefully you are going to put him with your cav.
    The dragon will need support. Challenges may cause you to lose CR in close combat. Therefore be sure that you attack in the flank to avoid challenges on charge.
    No chariots.
    Then your noble with the bow is a waste from the same reason as the lord on the dragon.
    i have tried a noble on a great eagle as a hero assasin. Maybe giving him a bow might be worth it for a time or two.
    At this point level I would consider taking Teclis.
    Please keep us informed on how you are doing.

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