2250 - First Attempt - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 - First Attempt

    This is my first attempt at a 2250 HE army. Using what I gathered from other forums with a few changes of my own. Any help would be appreciated.

    Teclis: General

    Dispel Scroll x 2
    Silver Wand

    Elven Steed
    Banner of the World Dragon

    Archers x 10
    Archers x 10

    Spearmen x 17
    Lion Standard

    Sword Masters x 15
    Banner of Sorcery
    Armor of Caledor

    Dragon Princes x 5
    Elven Steed
    Helm of Fortune

    White Lions x 5
    Banner of Arcane Protection
    Sword of Battle

    Shadow Warriors x 5


    My thoughts are to use my 'fearless' spearmen as the first charge, followed in by the sword masters. Just not sure if the Nobles banner is more effective with the spearmen or the swordmasters and my mage will go with the other. I'll have the shadow warriors and white lions to get through terrain for potential flanks, while the Dragon Princes do drivebys.

    (For any confusion, when I say the unit number it includes the champion. Ex: Dradon Princes x 5 = 4 DP + 1 champion)

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    Teclis is a good general but with T2, S2 and one attack he is not a killer.
    Two dispell scrolls on your mage is nearly an overkill. Remember Teclis gets d3 extra dispell die. The silver wand on a regular mage gets a lot of comments on forum. Drop it and dispell scroll and you get the seerstaff. That ensures that you get the spells you want for that mage. Teclis already does and it is fun to watch your opponent roll and moan as you choose.

    5 white lions are not going to do much. Make them bigger by dropping some of the sword masters. That big of a unit of sword masters is going to have target all over it. Are drop them all together.

    Your noble needs some kind of protection. Sorry he must be your BSB and with the banner can not take any other magical stuff. If your opponent has a heavy shooting army put him with the spearman and defend your sword masters with magic. If they are magic heavy then but him with the swordmasters.

    You have three core units and you only need two. How about dropping one archer unit and getting a RBT.

    Give it a shot and see how this list works. You have to keep Teclis alive.

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