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    High Elf 1000/1500 list

    Hey guys I have just gotten back into fantasy after about a year and a half of 40k and I am a bit rusty. I decided to get back to my old faithful High Elves-here is my list (with names, might be slightly sad):


    Ethail Silverwing (noble)-sword of battle, heavy armour, shield, helm of fortune-136pts

    Tathain Silverwing (mage)-L2, silver wand-160pts


    The Silverspear Guard (LSGs) x 10-shields, warbanner, full command-175pts

    The Silverwing Order (LSGs) x 10-shields, full command-155pts


    Silverwing Company (DPs) x 5-full command-200pts

    Tiranoc Chariot-XXpts


    Bolt Thrower-XXXpts


    Extra 500 for 1500pts army:

    The Brotherhood of the Shining Swords (Swordmasters) x 10-full command-180pts

    The Burning Blades of Asuryan (PGs) x 10-full command-180pts

    The Silverwing Lancers (Silver Helms) x 5-full command, shields-155pts


    When I gave it a go last time it worked very well, acheiving a massacre result, but then again my opponent didn't have any magic or ranged support so it wasn't really a fair test. (against lizardmen and 1500). The infantry worked well along with the helms and chariot, but my noble didn't manage a single kill and my dragon princes spent four turns being avoided. My bolt thrower also did poorly (killing 1 saurus warrior) so I am considering replacing it with either 2 great eagles or some shadow warriors. The army will expand to 2k pionts when this one is finished, possibly with reavers and an archmage.

    Any comments and criticism welcome, thanks. Irongut out.

    Welcome to LO. In future, please do not post the points costs of individual models, upgrades or units without upgrades. Army lists are to be posted in the army list section of the forum. I have moved this one for you. Many thanks - GN out

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    I personnally do not like the LSG but I am leaning more and more to trying them. Never get rid of your bolt throwers. They have a -2 to armour saves, capable of six shoots or 1 single rank piercing shot and no chance of misfire.
    I like; the way you named your noble and mage, kind of like Teclis and Tryron.
    Most people do not give their dragon princes full command, unless you are giving them a banner, Ellyrion is the best. Amulet of light works on the drakemaster.
    There are a lot of fear or terror causing units out there which you will be fighting. Core units, one of them can take a banner. Banner of lion courage is nice.
    It is hard for me to make comments at this level.

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