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    1000, no magic users or items tourney

    Hey, got a tournament coming up, and ive play tested one list so far, with not so great results. Rules for tournament are, no magic items or users, no monstrous creatures or large targets ect.

    Noble, Barded Steed, Halberd, Dragon Armour

    Archers X 10

    Swordmasters X 6
    Swordmasters X 6
    White Lions X 13, Standard, Champion
    Lion Chariot
    Lion Chariot

    Repeat Bolt Thrower

    Total = 1000

    I would take a noble on foot, but I scared of how squishy he is going to be without magic items to back him up. So decided to put him on a steed so that he can still be str 5 with a 3+ save. I was thinking of perhaps swapping the halberd for a lance in case he gets a chance to charge out of the unit, but its too risky without a ward save lol, so for the moment he will go with the white lions.

    Any advice is welcome, wrapping my head around this tournament rules has been tough lol.

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    To be honest I think that all 1000 pt tournaments should be run with similar restrictions, but it does tend to favour one army over another.

    I think that it suits High Elves though as we pay too much for our mages anyway.

    As to your list, you have no warmachine hunters in there, and they could be necessary as with no large targets (or ward saves) troop crushing warmachines like Mortars, Stone throwers, flame cannons will be devastating. I think that I would drop either a lion chariot or 6 swordmasters for an eagle or Ellyrion Reavers, or both.
    Cheers Allonairre

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