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    First fantasy list, 2250

    Alith Angar 245

    Lvlv 2 Mage - Shadow Armour, Ring of Corin 185

    Dragon Mage - Lvlv 2, Gem of Sunfire, Jewel of the Dusk, Silver Wand 435

    Lvl 2 Mage - Annulian Crystal 140

    12 Archers 134

    12 Archers 134

    10 Sea Guard - Musician, Standard 135

    10 Shadow Warriors 160

    5 Dragon Princes - Banner of Sorcery 175

    8 Ellyrian Reavers - Musician, Standard, Harbinger, bows 180

    3 Repeater Bolt Throwers 300

    TOTAL 2247

    Let me know what you think, and how the list will work together, I was going for:

    1. Shooty

    2. Magic

    3. Sneaky

    4. A couple of Calvary for harrassing and protecting slower units.

    But as I have never played, I'm not sure how this will work. Thanks for any advice, and be harsh.

    Armies: Ultramarines 2nd Co.
    (coming soon) Wood Elves for my final army.

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    As a 40k player I am assuming that you think that scouting units will work as well in WFB as they do in 40k.

    They do not.

    Shadow Warriors are good on paper, and occasionally they work really well, but more often than not something will wipe them out before they even see combat. Wood Elves have a similar unit, but theres is good, ours is not. If you have a real urge, just take them in a unit of 5 with no champion, and see if they work for you, if not, then its only ** points lost.

    Ellyrion Reaver's aren't anything I've ever used myself, but from my experience of other fast cavalry I wouldn't advise any command units apart from a musician, as they end up just gifting points to the opposition. Consider just taking them in a unit of 5 with just a musician, and they will still be enough to annoy the enemy.

    Your characters are also illegal I'm afraid. Unfortunately including a dragon takes up an extra hero slot (High Elf Army book, bottom of P93) and i would strongly recommend against Alith Angar as your general. The general gives his leadership to those around him and if he's scouting out the front with just 10 others then thats going to be wasted. His bow is VERY good but I would only ever use him in games over 3000 points (2 lords allowed) and probably not even then. Also you can only take one Arcane item on any one character and so your Dragon Mage's equipment is illegal.

    If I might suggest a new set up for your characters (keeping in the dragon, because they're just great) I would go for

    Eltharion on Stormwing (490 points) (costly, but extremely powerful in close combat and also counts as a level 2 mage for the magic side of your army. his griffon causes terror and is almost as strong as the sun dragon for your dragon mage)

    Dragon Mage - Level 2, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury (435 points) (this guy will know 3 spells, gaining a free power dice to cast each, and the ring of fury gives you a VERY powerful bound spell that will demand that our opponent keeps a dispel dice back for it)

    Mage - Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin (175) (Its always a good idea to have a dispel scroll handy for emergencies, and you might want to change the ring of corin for another, it depends on you, I like the ring of Corin but it doesn't always work)

    This only works out at 95 points more than your origional choices and that can be made up easily from the changes I suggested for the other units.

    There are other units I would consider to be very strong. Swordmasters can be taken in small units and, if protected from shooting, can decimate the enemy. For the price of you Sea Guard unit you can get 9 of them and it might be worth having a go with them proxied.

    The main advice for you is have lots of battles, see what works for you. The Hight Elf army really does have something for any fighting style, so there will be some units that you will really like.

    Finally, good luck, and welcome to Ulthuan.

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