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    1250 New HE Player List

    Hi there, this is my first crack at Fantasy so I went ahead and started writing up an army for me and my friend (a DE player) to get to grips with the game.

    Noble w/ Elven Steed, Armour of Caledor & Lance – 131
    Mage w/ Level 2 – 135
    16 Spearmen w/ Full Command – 169
    10 Archers w/ Light Armour – 120
    5 Dragon Princes w/ Drakemaster – 170
    15 Phoenix Guard w/ Full Command – 255
    7 Sword Masters w/ Bladelord – 117
    Great Eagle
    1247 Pts Total

    I’m really unsure about the list, for instance I know he’s going to be fielding Shadowblade and Hydra in our games and I have no clue how I’m going to put them down other than with some lucky spells. I haven’t actually played yet so this list may be stronger than I think. The Noble listed here is going to go with the Dragon Princes.

    I don’t necessarily want to overtune my list to fight DE’s, I want to keep it an all comers list, but with the ability to take on DE’s well, especially that damn Hydra. I feel like my RBT is basically null and void because he already said himself that that’s where Shadowblade’s going to pop up almost every game.

    Any ideas? Any and all comments are extremely welcome,


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    A couple of points, the armour of caledor is pointless as it means he can't get better than a 2+ save. Swap for the Helm of Fortune, Dragon Armour and a shield so he's got 1+ rerollable save.

    The lvl2 mage has 4 Power dice, versus his 2+ dispel dice, you won't get many spells off, you have 2 options go minimal and swap the lvl 2 upgrade for 2 dispel scrolls or the annulian crystal. Or if he's not taking a mage don't bother! Or go nuts and get 2/3 Lvl 2s and the Banner of Sorcery, with seerstaff + dispel scroll / power stone, ring of fury and silver wand, then jewel of dusk and powerstone / dispel scroll.

    Shadowblade can be beaten by either combat res or getting enough people in base contact as he's T3 with a 5+ wardsave, so easy to kill and with only 4 attacks if you can get 2 units to charge him he's in trouble.

    Hydra needs a lot of boltthrowering, you don't really want to go in and combat it unless its only on 1/2 wounds as it rips elves to shreds.

    Quick questions, what other models do you have?

    Ideally you'd use just one core of archers use the spear points (or proxy the models) as a couple more swordmasters (so a full rank of 7 makes it to combat), an extra Dragon prince for the reason, and I think phoenix guard need to get full rank bonus and maybe the warbanner. I'd think about getting the banner of ellryion for dragon princes as it makes them more effective.

    Also if he's having a hydra he won't have 2 RBTs so you can deploy deep and shoot him up, possibly think about a reaverbow noble and maybe another rbt.

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    Your list looks okay. Remember that DP are immuned to fire attacks. Mine have broken and chased down the hydra several times. One RBT will not kill him in a turn but will hurt him. Two can take him out with one round.

    Your other question I will have to pass on because I have never played against one.

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    You will beat shadow blade in combat most times through Combat resolution, put your PG Behind your Bolt Thrower, Shadow Blade pops out, kills your bolt thrower, must overrun hits PG, shouldn't win that combat, but maybe take your champ and mage out of the unit to prevent a challenge, is outnumbered by fear causers, Flees, Cunningly your unit was angled to face another unit, so shadowblade is destroyed. He gets 1/3 of his points back, you win. Turn 2 or 3 charge hydra in flank with eagle or shadow warriors as it passes difficult terrain, you lose, he pursues into difficult terrain and is mired there for another 2 to 3 turns. If he catches you he still hasn't made back his losses from Shadowblade. Shadowblade is great but at low points he is a massive points sink, especially if you know he is coming.

    Next time you play this guy (boastfully) deploy the same, he should adapt and send Shadowblade after the mage, make sure that the mage is with the PG, he may die but the PG should still tie up round 1 then win round 2, better yet give your mage foliariths robes and shadowblade won't even kill him as he has no magical attacks, will lose combat and be outnumbered by fear causers and flee...

    After that shadowblade will take a break, and you can play some proper games, 1250 vs 1250 instead of 1250 v ***

    As to the list;
    Tjat is right about the armour, Armour of Caledor is really best saved for guys on foot or with monstrous mounts, regular armour could be just as effective and cheaper.

    As it stands I would definitely drop the mage down to L1 with Scrolls or Crystal. He needs more dice (or equipment) to be an effective caster really.

    If you are being super competitive then probably one of the core units should go, however definitely lose the armour on the archers and I would give a warbanner to the Spears, dropping the champ from the PG to make the points for this.

    As to actually killing the Hydra, RBT is the way to go but if that is gone turn 1 then combat res with PG or a good DP charge is probably the next best thing. Lore of Beasts is useful for it but no magic, DP are good as they should be able to kill both handlers (due to their frontage being wide) so only Hydra attacks back and they will still have a 4+ save. PG probably not so good as they won't be able to attack the handlers at all giving him 13 attacks back at you till the Hydra dies.

    Hope it helps.
    Cheers Allonairre

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