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    Senior Member Djones9916's Avatar
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    1500pt vs Vamp Counts

    So I'll be playing a game with a friend in the near future. He'll be using Vampire counts. I really have no idea what type of army he fields. I know he's right now limited to 1500 points. This will be the first time I've played against them. I plan on going with High Lore, and Lore of Light.

    Mage Lvl 2 (#1)
    Dispel Scroll, Silver Wand

    Mage Lvl 2 (#2)
    Dispel Scroll, Seerstaff of Saphery

    Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Ring of Fury

    Archers x10
    Mage #2 here

    Spearmen x17 w/ full command and Warbanner
    Mage #1 and Noble go in here

    Swordmasters x10 w/ full command banner of Arcane Protection

    White Lions x10 w/ full command

    Shadow Warriors x6 w/ Shadow Walker

    RBT x2

    Nights Justice Space Marines
    Eldar Eth Kariel Craftworld
    Spear of Kurnous - High Elf Expeditionary Army

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    The main things VC have is strong magic and fear. You've got the mages and scrolls to counter the magic, but not much for the fear. If you lose combat and are outnumbered by fear causers, fleeing will happen! So lion banner could be useful. Also I'd drop the shadow warriors to 5 no command as for the points it doesn't really help their perfomance; and use those points to add extra spears so its at full rank bonus=. Oh and give the noble a greatweapon, if he gets in combat against a combat vamp it's goign to be tricky, S6 is definitely an asset, he's not that likely to get saves!

    Finally, you're going magical, get the banner of sorcery!

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    Lord Admiral kithre's Avatar
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    220 (x8)

    At 1500 points, my main concern from Vampires would not be the 11/12 spells or damage spells, it would be spamming IoN. I would swap out the Arcane protection for a Lion Standard or Standard of Balance on the SM unit, and put the other one of these two onto the White Lions, so the White Lions are going to be Stubborn and either Immune to Pschology or immune to Fear/Terror, whilst the SMs are immune to Fear/Terror or Immune to psychology full stop.

    I also heartily recommend getting in some cavalry to assist in turning flanks, and get a few magical attacks - maybe giving the SM champion the Talisman of Light?

    In all likelihood, you are not going to burn adequate dispel dice to allow you to use the Ring of Fury, and as a close combat character, your Noble may not get enough chances to use it, especially if he is on foot. If you want to keep the ring, get him on a steed or even an Eagle with a lance (and a long bow - the additional "auto-hit" S3 attack won't hurt!). Talisman of Loec is nice on the Noble, although may be a little too risjy as it reduces you to 1 wound....

    I would drop the seerstaff, choose a lore with a reasonable first spell and cheap casting levels elsewhere, as this shaves a few points from the mage, and then give him 2x dispel scrolls (mght even think about making him a level 1)

    A different alternative for the Noble is to give him an Armour of Caledor, GW and banner, allowing you to reroll break tests (albeit at a lower Ld from the Mages).

    Or you can go the whole hog, and get the Noble the Radiant gem, Dragon armour, shield, barded steed, lance for a caster general who can dish out a reasonable amount of damage, whilst also giving the enemy something to think about (if you choose lore appropriately - I would go for Fire for the 1st spell...)

    Drop the Shadow Warriors completely - they won;t help much when it comes to being a speed-bump, and there are no "vulnerable" war machines in the VC list - even a caster Vampire could take out these guys without much effort.

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    Senior Member Allonairre's Avatar
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    399 (x8)

    You have a lot of shooting and magic and that is clearly the point of the Shadow Warriors, (marchblocking while this takes affect).

    I would change my mages slightly, maybe keeping the seerstaff for the lore of light mage and going with the Jewel of dusk for my high mage. Also keep the Ring.
    For my spells I would choose 2 cheap Light spells that can be cast on 2 dice, then the high mage can cast drain magic with all 3 dice. The best his vampires will be is L2, maybe with extra casting dice, but still only 5 dispel dice max, you are casting 4 spells a turn reliably something will get through because he has to stop drain magic at the end.

    Kithre is right about the banners, Immunity to fear and terror would be more useful than arcane protection but that can come from Lore of Light if necessary (better to have an offensive spell though).

    I would give the magic banner to the White Lions though and just the Gem of courage to the Swordmasters (no other command)

    I would also reduce the size of the shadow warriors, 5 will march block just as well as 6 and drop their shadow walker. This frees up a tonne of extra points to make the NOble a BSB with a great Weapon if you want or increase the size of the White Lions, add an extra spearmen to make them 20 with their 2 characters.
    Cheers Allonairre

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