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    2250 Dual Dragon Cheesy list

    Heya, my standard characters are Teclis based or magic defensive, have been toying with going and spending money on some different units. I may try proxying it first! Yes this is supposed to be cheesy.

    Characters 1056
    Prince, Stardragon, Halberd, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Amulet of Light 621
    Dragon mage, Lvl2, Silverwand, 2 Dispel scrolls 435

    Core 225
    10 Archers
    10 Archers - Mu

    Special - 567
    5 Shadow Warriors
    5 Shadow Warriors
    7 Dragon Princes - St Banner of Ellryion - 245
    10 Swordmasters - Bladelord - 162

    4 RBT

    Very much a highly competative list. Plan is for the dragon mage to hide round terrain and attempt not to be hit by stuff, then flank something. Stardragon to kick ass; swordmasters to defend archers and RBTs; shadow warriors to march block, engage lone magic users, generally be a nuisance. May swap 5 SW and the archer musician for a tiranoc chariot to protect the archers and RBTs.

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    I wouldn't call this directly cheesy (not that I usually call anything cheesy), and I have a minority of suggestions:

    1. Give your Swordmasters a Musician instead of the Archers.
    2. Drop a Dragon Prince and add 2 Swordmasters so that you can run them 2 by 6.
    3. Drop a RBT and get an Eagle and more Shadow Warriors.

    I hope this helps,

    5000p. High Elves
    1000p. Eldar

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