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    2000 pt competitive HE list

    yo here is another one of my master list : ) jk but i hope its good please inform me on what i need to improve on.


    Arch mage : 340
    lvl 4,
    ring of fury,
    staff of sorcery :

    BSB : 185
    Battle banner (+d6 CR)
    barded elven steed


    20: spear men :205
    full command

    20: spear men :205

    10: archers: xxx

    10: archers: xxx

    10: archers: xxx


    9: dragon princes : 335
    standard bearer
    Lion standard
    Drake master (for unwanted challenges)


    4 : Bolt throwers : xxx

    if you cant beat them plow through them in combat res with dragons : ) yes that is my master plan, get thee side charge or even front charge win combat and run them down. this list is diffrent from my other ones becasue normaly i dont use calv... but i made an exeption the mage is just for some sort of anti magic.... (protect DP with sheild spell...)
    please help me make it better : ) i would be happy this list is exactly 2000 Pts on the dot.

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    This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. It seems ok but if you are truly going for that competitive list and im assuming you are wanting this to be an all comers list as well I would ditch the archmage and go for a prince mounted on a star dragon with star lance armor of caledor guardian phoenix and talisman of loec if you wanted to be a bit more defensive with him alternatively I would go for armor of caledor vambraces of defence talisman of loec and a GW.

    Good on the BSB although I dont know where your getting 185 from im guessing hes missing a few things I would give him barded steed dragon armor shield and bsb with battle banner it should come to about 216.

    as for the rest of your heroes I would fill them out with 2 lvl 2's with an annulian crystal and 2 scrolls or 4 scrolls (assuming you drop your bsb noble). If you take high magic just spam drain magic and hope that one of them gets through this should buy you enough time to get your dragon and dragon princes in combat by turn 2 hopefully turn 3 at the latest.

    for core choices for competitive reasons I find it best to usually go for minimum core which is 2 for HE in 2k. Spearmen are fun and fluffy but I wouldnt say there competitive by any means in an all comers list. 2 units of 10 archers is all you should have here.

    for special definately dragon Princes I think I would probably field them 6 wide for the extra attacks since you arent going to win through SCR (static combat resolution). I'd also give them the banner of ellyrion seeing your opponents face when your huge cavalry unit moves freely through the woods is priceless. If you want you also might want to consider shadow warriors against some opponents they have their uses (like baiting fanatics out of night goblin units).

    Haha you can never go wrong with 4 bolt throwers I love those things I dont see a problem here but If you arent using shadow warriors or anything for bait a cheap eagle should do the trick only problem is your down to 3 eagles claws

    Hope some of this has helped good luck in your future battles with HE.
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    Heya in terms of serious competativeness wise, you can either go stardragon, teclis, multi mage as suggested or magic light. I usually play teclis, at 2250 something like this:

    http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ayday-fun.html (2250 Vs Dark Elves for Mayday Fun)

    Though my second choice is an army pretty similar to that but rather than teclis use a lvl 3 archmage with 3 scrolls and the annulian crystal and cast drainmagic on 4 dice each turn, shuts people down rather a lot. Drop the banner of sorcery as well and bring in a few elite infantry to flank spears / rbt guard. Also I now put the BSB and Banner of Ellryion on different units of DPs so one is a line breaker the other sneaks through cover.

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