This army has been fairly effective against my WE, Brettonian and Dwarf friends. I'm getting ready to go to a tournament and am wondering what adjustments I should make to be competitive against more varied armies. Also, there has been no word yet as to whether special characters will be allowed or not. When I asked, they acted as if they've never heard of such a ruling.


Prince - 286Pts - Fielded with DPs
Dragon armor, shield, barded steed, star lance, talisman of saphery and helm of fortune.

Caradryan - Fielded with either spearmen or PGs, depending on enemy deployment.

Mage - 185 - generally takes High magic and runs behind the lines casting shield of sapphery or arrow attraction
Level 2, 2 dispel scrolls, silver wand


20 Spearmen with full command - 205Pts

10 archers with musician (musician was just to fill out points) - 115Pts


5 Dragon Princes - 240Pts
Full command, banner of arcane protection and amulet of light

10 Phoenix Guard - 195Pts
Full command, banner of elyrion

12 White Lions - 210
Full Command

Tiranoc Chariot


2 RBTs
2 Eagles

This army has worked fairly well against Brettonians by sitting and waiting and against wood elves and dwarves by making a methodical, flanking advance. In either situation, I Use the eagles and chariot to march block, mess with war machines and generally just cause havoc. I really have no idea how it would fare against anything else, so your advice is very much appreciated.