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    2000 Point anti-dwarf army

    So I've never played Warhammer before so I'm obviously seriously lacking in knowledge. However, for right now I'm only going to be playing against my friend who is also just as new to the game so my lack of knowledge won't be THAT big of a deal. He's going to be using a dwarf army if that makes much difference.

    So after reading through my army book I've put together a 2000 point army constructed from units that look cool and have a cool history to me. My goal with this post isn't to get help constructing an uber army, but rather preventing myself from having a completely worthless army.


    Teclis (XXX points)


    Caradryan (XXX points)
    I am going to make him part of my Phoenix Guard unit

    Korhil (XXX points)
    I am going to make him part of my White Lion unit

    Mage (XXX points)


    10 Archers (XXX points)

    10 Spearmen (XX points)


    15 Swordmasters (XXX points)

    9 White Lions + musician (141 points)

    9 Phoenix Guard + musician + standard bearer (153 points)

    8 Dragon Princes (XXX points)


    Repeater Bolt Thrower (XXX points)

    Great Eagle (XX points)

    TOTAL: 1999

    So what should I do from here?

    Welcome to LO. In future, please do not post points costs of characters, units without upgrades or magic items as it is against forum rules. Many thanks - GN out

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    This is not a criticism but there are a few improvemantst that you can make.

    Your characters are ok but you won't win many friends with that many special charactersyou can probably do it cheaper by making your own characters but that is up to you. The extra mage isn't adding anything either.

    10 Spearmen are basically useless, you are better to switch them to archers or seagaurd with shields or make the unit larger, 20 or so to give you some combat resolution, you might need it.

    I think that the swordmasters are the wrong size, swordmasters are better with wider frontage of 6 or 7, they kill better than anything else we have. The Phoenix Gaurd are better at 14+ as they don't kill as many troops and need the static combat resolution.

    The White Lions are fine as they are but the Dragon Princes are far too big, you can get away with 5 or at the most 6 (depending what you want them to do), they already have a wide base and 6 is the most that can get into combat anyway.

    I would try and get the Banner of Sorcery in there (probably on the Phoenix Gaurd) to give Teclis a truly formidable magic phase.
    Cheers Allonairre

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