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    My First High Elf Army List (2500)

    hey guys i have been trying to come up with a competitive army list for a long time and think i have a solid understanding of the HE army...

    im trying to go competitive, focusing on Magic and H2H superiority. the only changes I wont make is Teclis as Lord Choice. I have used him for the past 6 months and am very confident with him. Thank you in advance for all the help critiquing the list =]


    Teclis ... 475


    Mage, lvl 2, 50 pts of items ... 185

    Mage, lvl 2, 50 pts of items ... 185

    Noble, great weapon, heavy armor, shield, 50 pts of items ... 150


    20 Spearmen, Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection (Noble will join) ... 205

    10 Seaguard, shields, Full Command ... 155


    5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, 25 pts of items ... 275

    5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion, 25 pts of items ... 240

    5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion, 25 pts of items ... 240

    10 Swordmasters of Hoeth, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, 15 pts of items ... 245

    Lion Chariot of Chrace ... 140


    60 Models

    2495 pts

    6* Dispel Dice (*excluding Teclis' magic item- could be 9, excluding Scrolls)

    10* Power Dice (*excluding Teclis' magic item- could be 13, excluding Banners- could be 19)

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    For a start, it would help if you could give us the actual break down of the items that you are going be using. A lot of this game comes down to what kind of equipment your characters are packing, and quite often, you won't spend all 25, 50, or 100pts of your allowed totals. This could give us an idea of just how many points you actually have free.
    If you're wondering what to put on your characters, that's a good thread for the general HE section.
    Also, try not to post actual points costs. I know it's a stupid rule, but it's for GW copyright purposes, and I'd rather keep LO running and legit.

    As to the contents of your list, it looks like a sound army. Personally, as someone who fields as cavalry heavy army myself, I have to ask what your intent with the army is. If you are going to use your Dragon Prince regiments on their own as a strike force, or if you plan to Hammer-Anvil with something else.

    I ask this because for the price of the Kitty Kart and the Swordmasters, you could get another regiment of DPs and bump atleast a few of them up to 6 men strong. Infact, I suggest going for the sixth man rather than 25 points of wargear on your champion. Consider the choice between an item that give you an extra wound, 2 higher unit strength, and an extra 3 attacks to roll, versus any 25 point item in the book.
    You also need to drop the Banner of Ellyrion off of all but 1 of your units. You may not take duplicates of any magic item of any kind. Same goes for the Banner of Sorcery on your other regiments.

    Also, I don't know what you plan with your LSG, but I can tell you that they are not a replacement for our actual archers. They are a replacement for our Spearmen. I would turn that 10 man unit of LSG into a regiment of 10 archers, and then either make the Spearmen into Seaguard, or bulk out other units across your line.
    If you are a planning to run a "Hammer and Anvil" set up with your Dragon Princes, you're going to benefit from having 2 or more anvils. A unit of 20 Spearmen or LSG can hold for a turn or so, but the 10 Swordmasters can't. Small units of Swordmasters like that are often used as a flanking element to a larger unit, or as a blocking unit for low wound enemy regiments like Knights. If you turn your LSG into archers, drop your duplicate banners, and find out how much you will actually be investing in items, you might find that you have space to make a regiment of about 20 Phoenix Guard, who are one of the best "anvils" in the game. With a 5+ ward and Fear, they can stand up to just about anyone in the game.

    You do seem to have a pretty good beginning grasp of the way the army works, however you should probably go back and do some quick brushing up on your core rules, keep looking around on the forums for common character builds and item uses, and maybe take a read through some of the articles in the High Elf Tactica at the top of our section. I've been playing HE for the past 10years, and I can honestly say that you will learn a lot just by being a member of the LO community.
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    As CaptainSarathai already stated, it would be more than useful to decide your heroes' builds, drop the duplicate standards and the DP champions' items, swap LSG to Archers. All this in order to save some points you can invest on the already mentioned sixth Dragon Prince or something else.
    In my opinion a PG unit would be a very nice option too... you probably won't get enough points for that just through those adjustments (not sure, though). To save lots more you might want to drop one DP unit and make the other two 6 men sized. This would assure you a nice 20 men unit of PG and still leave you with some points which you could invest on an Eagle and/or maybe a Bolt Thrower.

    Hope this helped

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