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    500 point starter

    Recently ive been lucky enough to have a number of warhammer playing friends move back to where i live. So weve decided to start up a weekend game. Starting at 500 points then moving to 1k, 1.5k and finally 2k.

    The armies i will be facing are Skaven, Orcs and Goblins and one friend who is still deciding between Warriors of Chaos/Beastmen

    Im going High Elves and have been tinkering about with a 500 list so here it is along with a variant.

    1 Noble, enchanted shield, ring of fury, heavy armour, barded elven steed, lance
    20 Spearmen with a Banner Bearer and a Sentinel
    1 Lion Chariot

    The plan with this list is to flank with the chariot and cause some havok whilst the spearmen advance slowly. The Noble will ride around shooting the ring of fury and flank when he can.

    Also a question with the noble. Ive worked out his save to be 0+
    Enchanted Shield 5+
    Heavy armour 3+
    Barded Horse 1+
    Sword and Shield 0+

    How does this work? I would assume you can never have a save better than 1+. And do mounted characters gain the hand weapon/shield bonus?

    2 Lion chariots
    21 spearmen full command

    This was my other idea. Either have a chariot on each flank and advance with the spearmen. Or have both chariots on the same flank and try and crush enemy units through fear and the shear savagery of the impact hits and the attacks of the crew and lions

    Any advice will be appreciated,

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    ok you really need to read the brb first before you go making random lists.

    for the 1st option, you don't get the armour save for hand weapon&shield when mounted. you won't get the save of the shield if youre fighting with your lance either. so you get a 1+ for shooting and a 3+ for CC

    I think it's useless to put your noble on a horse here. i think it will be more effective if you swap your spearmen for LSG and get your noble on foot with a reaver bow. your ring of fury wont get much done cause your enemy only needs a 3 to dispel and that's not really difficult with 2 dice.

    for the second build: you need a general. so you need a noble of a mage, or your list is illegal.

    the LSG and Reaver bow combination is a very strong build for such small battles because you will have a strong shooting army AND a pretty solid CC block any magic in such a battle is not really worth it.. your opponent will have a standard 2 DD wich should block about everything is such a battle.. and if you have enough casters to get some spells of, you'll be greatly outnumberd

    i think you should get a Noble with reaver bow, a block of 14-19 LSG (or 2 small blocks) and a special unit of choice (WL-chariot) next to it, and you'll shoot the crap out of them
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