2250 pts (As competetative as possible) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 pts (As competetative as possible)

    Okey so I playing around with a ultra competetive list. Obvously if you enter with this list you probably not gonna make a lot of friends while playing. But hey who cares as long as you are winning
    I imagine you would be all over your opponent in round 2 and should give him enough different targets for you to be able to flank him from alot of angles.
    Little weak against magic, but he wont get many rounds to cast before his mage(s) is hunted down.

    What do you guys think of this list.

    - StarDragon
    - Dragon Armour, Lance
    - Vambraces of Defence
    - Enchanted Shield
    - Talisman of Loec
    - Banner of Arcane protection

    - Great Eagle
    - Lance
    - Armour of Caledore
    - WarBanner

    - Lvl 2
    - Dispel Scroll
    - Dispel Scroll
    - Gem of Courage

    Archers x 10

    Archers x 11

    Lion Chariot x 2

    Shadow Warriors x 7 (inc. Champion)

    Dragon Princes x 10 (FC)
    - Champion with Skeinsliver
    - Banner of Elyrion

    Great Eagles x 4

    Total: 2249 Pts

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    Hi Jasp,

    First of all, I thought I would just quickly post to tell you that the list as it stands is illegal. Your Prince cannot have a banner, and neither can your noble. The reason for this is that a Lord character cannot have a BSB upgrade, and your noble already has magical items, and if he has the BSB upgrade he can take a banner or magic items, not both.

    Now with the negatives out the way, lets focus on the positives. The list looks very fast, and focussed on attack, but I think there are ways you could trim points and up your damage output to better serve you. Here are my suggestions:

    1) General wisdom now states that a Lord on Dragon should be outfitted as such:

    Prince: 621pts
    Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Amulet of Light
    Mounted on Star Dragon

    The Amulet of light is optional, but it does add a lovely attack prowess to the unit, as it can now go and destroy ethereal units, which your current army would struggle with.

    2) I think the noble on eagle could be made more effective by equipping him thusly:

    Dragon Armour, Lance
    Enchanted Shield, Reaver Bow
    Mounted on Great Eagle

    This gives you a mobile shooting platform to harrass flanks and kill war machines, a major problem for your list currently

    3) Drop the level 2 on your mage. At this points level they won't be casting, and it won't get you any extra dispel dice.

    4) This should save you a few points. There are a couple of things you could do with this:

    a) You could split the Dragon princes, and add to them, making them 2 units of 6, with champions and musicians, upping the numbers on the field, and giving your enemy more to aim at.

    b) You could add more chariots

    c) You could make the Dragon Princes 12 strong, upping their combat potential.

    All 3 options add something, so play around and see what you like.

    Hope this helps

    ninja out
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