Black out (2250 high elf tournament it could be a 2k also) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Black out (2250 high elf tournament it could be a 2k also)

    Hi all first time post here i am playing high elf 4 years now and i want to create a kick out of a list i really like it and i can not see the disadvantages of it so here it is posted here for advises and further discussion

    Prince elven steed barded dragon armor shield lance 292
    Null stone

    Mage lvl 2 185
    seerstaff of saphery
    dispel scroll

    Mage lvl 2 170
    jewel of the dusk
    dispel scroll

    Mage lvl 2 175
    Annulian crystal


    Dragon Princesx5 Champion
    Dragon Princesx9 FC 320
    lion chariot
    lion chariot
    Shadow warriorsx5
    White lionsx13 FC skeinsliver 250

    Great eaglesx2


    The high elf are potent fighters but fragile thats because i mae this list i get bored all the armys nulify my WS ASF etc with just a few points as DE with ASF banner and VC mess up with my WS.So the idea is a combat with no surprises expect that they dhont know gthat i have thisu.There are ogifts of khaine and demonic gihfts though but its the only weakess i see.

    sorry for any mistke on what i write

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    First of all, Welcome to LO.

    Null Stone eh? Something that I've always overlooked but it could well work. It'll certainly mess with any plans that your opponent thought they had. I would advise putting the Prince on the edge of your unit so that the 6" will cover at least one other unit, and not just the one you are fighting, also, make sure you do the Princes combat last most of the time so that he doesnt run off pursuing/overrunning and return magical weapons to other combats.

    In terms of your list, it looks pretty decent. I think you have far too many Shadow Warriors. I would consider losing some of them in order to put command or more numbers in your small DP unit. I assume you intend to put one mage in each archer unit and one in the WLs?

    Actually looking at it your points cost for your mages are wrong. You havent added the points to make them level 2s so you will have to decrease the SWs for that. If you still need more points then you should change one of the Lion Chariots for a Tiranoc one.

    Good Luck, hope this helps.

    (As a sidenote we are not meant to put single points cost on basic units, Games Workshop get upset, if youc could edit your post and remover the cost for your Archers, small Dragon Princes, Lion Chariots, Shadow Warriors and Great Eagles that would be appreciated)
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    I do like the look of this list. The null stone is a potentially wonderful item to completely nulify an enemy phase. I would like to see a couple of slight modifications to up the wounds and potential damage this list could do.

    1) Drop the shadow warriors

    2) Drop the 2nd Lion Chariot

    3) Grab a 3rd Great Eagle

    4) Grab 2 Tiranoc Chariots

    This will add to the damage and you will have two quicker chariots.

    I hope this helps

    ninja out
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