Friendly 2250 Vs. VC - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Friendly 2250 Vs. VC

    Ok here is my friendly list.
    Noble- BSB Dragon Armor, Dattle Banner
    Mage- lvl2 Dispel Scroll, Jewel of the Dusk, Gem of Courage
    Noble- Ring of Fury, Enchanted Shield, Dragon Armor

    Lothern Sea Guard -10- SB, Musician
    Archers -10- Musician

    Sword Master of Hoeth -15- Full Command, Standard of Balance, Amulet of Light
    White Lions of Chrace -15- Full Command, Lion Standard, Sword of Battle
    Phoenix Guard -15- Full Command, War Banner, Sword of Might

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    Total 2247

    I am taking Teclis because in the last friendly game I played my friend took a named toon against me. Teclis will be given High magic and job will be to get fury of khaine and drain magic off. As well as attempting to get rid of the enemy Lords IoN. My other mage wiill be High as well and attempt to get Drain magic off. ( lvl2 will cast first of drain magics) Teclis will go with Noble with SM, the mage will hang out with the PG and the BSB will go with the WL. I am counting on him taking ethereal and so need to be able to counter that aspect and still be able to take care of a Dragon ( he likes to take them) The only thing I am concerned with is the Black Coach. I only have the sea guard to worry about failing a fear check but I will stick them close to the SM to use Teclis's Ldr. and their planned use is to charge into the flank of something not take on a unit by itself.

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    Sword of Battle is a weird choice, I think that you are going overboard on the wanting to kill ethereal, the +1 attack is worse than +2 strength that you have lost to get there.

    Both Nobles need Great weapons, or hand weapon + shield, but great weapon is better, so maybe use the mask of the merlord instead of the Enchanted shield.

    The seagaurd need to have shields or just make them archers or spears.

    I think that I would make the Swordmasters 12 and the White Lions 2 units of 7 then put Teclis and 4 more guys into the Phoenix Gaurd.

    The Dragon will be tough but that would be what I would use the 2 units of White Lions for (if possible) their High Strength makes even dragons a little nervous. You cannot protect both units but if you 2nd mage takes Lore of Light and seer staff then you can make a 12" immune to psychology bubble, as well as nasty magical flares every turn.

    I would also want to have the Banner of Sorcery in there as well (on the Phoenix Gaurd), it will allow your L2 to be a threat as well as Teclis.
    So my version of your list would be
    Noble- BSB Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Battle Banner
    Mage- lvl2 Dispel Scroll, Seer Staff
    Noble- Ring of Fury, Mask of the merlord, Great Weapon, Dragon Armor

    Lothern Sea Guard -10- Shields Musician (probably better with Archers or spears)
    Archers -10- Musician

    Sword Master of Hoeth -12- Full Command, Lion Standard, Amulet of Light
    White Lions of Chrace -6- Champion
    White Lions of Chrace -6- Champion

    Phoenix Guard -20- Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Sword of Might

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    Total 2247

    I would like to put in some march blocking as well or another Bolt Thrower but that would take even more trimming, I think that you have about 60 pts over on this list still to bolster things back up.
    Last edited by Allonairre; December 15th, 2009 at 20:45.
    Cheers Allonairre

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