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    Starting out 2250

    Hey every one I have finally got my own copy of our Army book (no more borrowing my friends) and was looking at developing my list. As my friend and I have done several proxy games I am starting with a "normal" sized army list that could be entered into a tournament with the restriction of no named toons.

    Prince- The White Sword, Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
    Noble- BSB, Dragon Armor, Barded Elven Steed, Star Lance, Enchanted Shield
    Mage- Lvl 2, Annulian Crystal
    Mage- Lvl 2, Ring of Fury
    Spearmen -10-
    Spearmen -10-
    Dragon Princes -6- Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion
    White Lions of Chrace -18- Full Command, Standard of Balance
    Phoenix Guard -19- Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
    Lion Chariot of Chrace
    Repeater Bolt Thrower
    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    Noble with the DP, Prince with the Guard,The DPs and chariot will take one flank, with the chariot there to support if the enemy is still around on second turn of combat (I ahve had good luck with these chariots in my proxy game and I think they look really cool) White lions will be 6x3 for maximum frontage and the PG will be 5x4. One mage will have high magic and the other will be more specific to the enemy I play. The spearmen I think will be good war machine guarders or possibly a support flank charge (though I think if I want to do that I will need to add numbers to them) My concern is the little shooting in the army, I "only" have 2 RBT though in my games archers just haven't done any real good for me. Most of my unit choices I have picked due to the fact I love their fluff and their look. I did not go with SM as the few times they have actually gotten into CC in any number they still have not done much for me so I picked the other 2.

    Comments would be welcomed. What am I missing or need to rethink?

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    Not bad I think. I don't like the Spearmen, too few models. I'd swap them for Archers, I think they'd do better.
    Have you considered giving your BSB mundane equipment and a Battle Banner? The unit would give you better overall results, and with some luck it could win even if charged.
    Some MR of some kind (Banner of Arcane Protection or Amulet of Fire) could be handy, especially if you know your opponent will go heavy magic.
    Isn't a cavalry unit of 7 models a bit too wide?

    Anyways, these are my thoughts, which I know realize to be in order of importance to my eyes.
    Hope this helps, good luck!

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