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    2250 Lists for a Campaign

    I've got two armies I need to build, for a campaign and I thought a Teclis and Tyrion combo would be neat, with each leading their own force. One obviously magic heavy, the other combat heavy.


    Mage lvl 2
    Dispel Scroll, Seerstaff of Saphery

    Mage lvl 2
    Dispel Scroll x2, Silver Wand

    Elven Steed w/ Barding, Heavy Armor Reaver Bow, Great Weapon, Talismen of Protection (this guy was kinda a last minute addition, I'll be using him to ride up and down the line shooting, and supporting any combat thats getting close to my ranged units)

    Archers x10

    Archers x10

    Great Eagle




    Phoenix Guard x18 FC w/ Banner of Sorcery

    Swordmasters x10 FC

    Swordmasters x10 FC (gave FC's to both because I only have 14 regular guys, with 2 commands, and wanted to field as many as possible)

    2nd List


    Noble (Shadow Warriors)
    Shadow Armor, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon, Long Bow

    Noble (Spearmen)
    Armor of Caledor, Sword of Might

    Spearmen x19 FC, War Banner

    Archers x10

    Shadow Warriors x6 w/ Shadow Walker

    Dragon Princes x9 FC w/ Banner of Ellyrion

    Sword Masters of Hoeth x20 FC

    Tiranoc Chariot

    Tiranoc Chariot


    So the first list is pretty much straight forward. It's designed to sit back and let the enemy come to it while wreaking as much havok as possible from a distance. The 3 combat units will spread out in a line infront of the archers and RBT to intercept enemy units.

    2nd list should get in the enemies face fast, with the Chariots and DP's heading towards shooty units providing cover for the slower Spearmen and Swordmasters. I've got the Nobles in the weaker close combat units to still make them solid fighting units that should give the enemy pause and help ensure victory.

    So any suggestions over all?

    Nights Justice Space Marines
    Eldar Eth Kariel Craftworld
    Spear of Kurnous - High Elf Expeditionary Army

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    the first list dosint need 3 dispel scrolls, you have 6 dispel dices + d3 (tecis staff) with +1 to dispel.
    swap 2 dispel scrolls on the mage and take maybe shadow warriors.
    take noble foot and swap reaver bow and taisman of protecion for armour of caledor and guardian pheonix.
    use 20 swordmasters with noble in.

    the second list seems better.
    i see one thing who is very weird its sword of might use great weapon and tailsman of loec

    hope it helps

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    Your first list is pretty solid, but I would drop the two displess scrolls on the second mage and add the ring of fury as your have a very strong magic defense with 7-9 dispel dice, a +1 to dispel attempts, a dispel scroll, and a scroll eater dispel scroll.

    For the noble I would drop the magical items and make him a BSB with the Battle Banner and a greatweapon to accompany the pheonix guard and teclis or drop him for caradryan as a bodyguard for teclis. To find the pts ot do this, drop a couple wordmasters as running them 7 wide is most effective for generating attacks.

    I am not a fan of the second list, you have no magic defense and a large unit of swordmasters for static combat resolution is almost counterproductive. They excel as flankers and support troops, not as your maiin block. You would be better off with phoencx guard in my opinion.
    I don't like your noble, I think you would be better off with a mage, or a mounted battle banner bsb to make your Dragon Princes truly awesome.

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