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    2250pts first try


    I have model of Asarnil the dragonlord from DoW and I want whfb army change. I will try HE or DE. This is my vision of 2250pts HE army. Is it good / bad / competitive?

    Prince ( 652pts )
    Star Lance, Talisman of Loec, Gardian Pheonix, Helm of Fortune, Dragon Armour, Shield
    Star Dragon

    Mage( 140pts )
    2x Dispel Scroll

    Mage ( 120pts )
    Dispel Scroll

    10 Archers
    10 Archres

    18 White Lions, FCG ( 350pts )
    Lion Standard, The Skeinsilver

    10 White Lions

    6 Dragon Princes, Standard Bearer ( 215pts )
    Banner of Ellyrion

    4x RBT

    TOTAL: 2247 pts

    Thanks for comments and have a nice day

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    Interesting setup. I just ran a star dragon in a 2k tournament. It looked like this

    Prince Stardragon Aromor of caledor, vambraces of defense, lance, shield, amulet of light,
    its a cheaper build but still potent.

    mage +lvl 2 +seerstaff + dispel scroll
    mage +lvl 2 +annulian crystal
    lvl2s can throw 3 dice at drain magic, next time i would run silver wand/ring of fury,

    2x10 Lothern Sea guard
    I like the idea of them, but archers would be better than my LSG

    x13 swordmasters +FC +skeinsliver + Banner of Arcane Protection

    x6 Dragon Princes +FC + Banner of Sorcery


    I faired well, even against two VCs, Daemons of Nurgle, and a DE player, but this list lacked an anvil. 2250 gives you a nice phoenix guard anvil. I would use Phoenix guard instead of your huge unit of white lions, though the stubborn is nice. Swordmasters make excellent flankers as well. Maxing out your RBTs will probably get frowned upon. I would drop an RBT, swap the big unit of white lions for Phoenix guard, increase the power of your mages to lvl2s and maybe throw int he banner of sorcery to give you magic potential. Just my 2 cents.

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