2500 Pheonix Court - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500 Pheonix Court

    Hey, would really like some feedback on my 2500 point list. It revolves basically arround the protection of the Shrine of Asuryan, so is also kind of fluffy

    Lord: Tyrion xxxpts
    Hero: Caradryan xxxpts
    Hero: Mage (Ring of Fury) 140pts
    Hero: Mages (Level 2, Staff of Saphery, Dispel Scroll) 185pts
    Core: 20 Lothern Sea Guard (Full Command, Shields) 285pts
    Core: 20 Lothern Sea Guard (Full Command, Shields) 285pts
    Special: 5 Dragon Princes (Full Command, Ring of Corin, Banner of Ellyrion) 235pts
    Special: 20 Pheonix Guard(Full Command, Banner of Sorcery) 380pts
    Special: 7 Swordmasters 105pts
    Special: 7 Swordmasters 105pts
    Rare: Bolt Thrower 100pts
    Rare: Bolt Thrower 100pts

    total is 2495

    Now, i've noticed there aiint a lot of model, specially for a high elf list, but with the two bound spell rings and the potential for an extra 3 dice in the magic phase, i think I might be able to just screw units up with Fury of Khaine and Flames of the Pheonix. My level 1 wizard will almost always take Shield of Saphery to give a unit the save, while the other mage uses most of the dice, and the ability to always pick spells 4 and 5 to try to dish out some dmg. After i get people to use most of their dispel dice, i start using the bound spells fury and vaul's unmaking, obviously making their magical weapons and stuff useless...should be able to nerf some big heroes

    the two small units of Sword Masters are good for a charge hopefully, using them pretty much like detachments in a Empire list.

    Tyrion with the dragon princes, hopefully hiding them in a forest or something to begin the game

    What do you guys think of this?

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    I like the list alot. How about dropping 10 sea guard off one unit, or both down to 15 to get an eagle, lvl2 o the mage as well as the silver wand and skeinsliver on a bladelord if you can find the pts.

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