Hey guys!

Ive come up with an army list that is based on the fluff of Eltharion, the only High elf to lead a successful raid on the DE city of Naggarond. Eltharion is my favourite character in the HE fluff and i fell in love with his tragic story. This is a version of the invasion army he took to Naggarond, i think is semi rounded. I'd love some advice on how fluffy it is, if it fits the story and character and how i could improve on it! After the list ill post a written statement that defines why i chose what i chose, and units that would fit the fluff that i could consider for inclusion, and how it will be painted. Hope you like it! and feel free to shred it!

Eltharion the Grim - 285

mage, lvl2, 2 x scrolls - silver wand - 185

noble, bsb, great weapon, Armor of Caledor, dragonhorn - 168


20 x spearelves, full command, war banner - 225

10 x LSG - 120


7 x Swordmasters, Bladelord, Talismen of Loec - 127

12 x Swordmasters, Bladelord, Skiensliver

5 x Ellyrion Reavers, swapped for bows, - 95

6 x Ellyrion Reavers, swapped for bows, - 114

5 x Shadow Warriors - 80

5 x Shadow warriors - 80


2 x RBT's - 200

2 x Great eagles - 100

total = 1996 pts
15 units
DD - 4 + 2 scrolls
PD - 6


Eltharion is Included, due to the army based around him. His griffon was stated being used in the raid so therefore this is legal for fluff. The mage was recruited to counter the strong druchii magic defending their lands, as such things can be unexpected in enemy territory. The BSB does not cary a proper banner, due to it being too dangerous to loose in the druchii lands, but stands as a character that the rest of the elves can look up to. He reins from caledor, proud and thinking he can challenge any foe. For this reason i was considering a unit of dragon princes (because a cunning HE general could tempt them into battle, by foregoing his own 'weakness' but Eltharion does not feel like an elf that would do such a thing)

The spearmen are the core unit of any army and the elves are the battle hardened militia that were selected by Eltharion himself for their bravery and skill renowned throughout Yvresse. The Seaguard are used instead of Archers. Archers are young, (by elf standards) and are not battle hardened enough. But the seaguard, are the ships crews they came on. Bringing their accuracy and prowess with a bow they also posses a skill with a spear able to defend the ships and the RBT's that were rolled off the ships gun batteries. The Mage would not leave without his personal guard of swordmasters (and the swordmasters would not let their charge out of their sight) I am also using this as a suggestion (not written anywhere but as a possible fluff idea) that after Eltharion becomes blind and joins the swordmasters, he got the idea to join the swordmasters after his experience with leading them abroad, seeing their prowess, skill and mental stability. The shadow warriors were written in the fluff so had to be an inclusion in the final list, but also because the shadow warriors would take any chance to kill a hated druchii, and the reavers possess the best horses Ulthuan has to offer and the fastest riders, doubling up together they took out scouts, messegers and convoys to disarm the druchii in their own backyard.

The eagles friends of Stormwing, Eltharions loyal mount joined in the monumentus quest and the RBT were stripped from the RBT batteries of the HE ships that led them to the blacklands of Naggorath.

These are the reasons for my choices. The only other choices i would consider would be Silver helms or 1 x unit of Dragon Princes. No other unit i think fits the fluff. if you are going to suggest anorther unit please provide a fluff reason why.


BSB in spears, mage in smaller swordmasters unit. The basic strategy is to use eagles to direct units to my swordmasters so they can flank charge, get the reavers or spare eagle into the other flank or the rear. spears can help be an anvil for the swordmasters as well. eagles and shadow warriors can also harrass war machines, mage hunt and march block to start with to let my slow moving army get into position. The RBT's fire and sit back with the LSG who act like archers, but they can be a small unit of 10 to help defend the machines for a turn or flank charge like an empire detachment if i move them up with the spears and Swordmasters. The BSB helps keep the army inspired and holding, the mage helps give a good but not great magic defence. mage generally taking high magic and Eltharion whatever is better for what army im facing, but generally fire (or metal cause i generally face chaos warriors or dwarves) Eltharion is used as a shock charge or flank, but never like an eagle - he is too precious lol.

Thanks for tips and advice in advance guys!


Any help to fluff, units or strategy would be greatly appreciated!