There is a 1500 point doubles tournament coming up and I am playing with some Wood Elves.

Korhil -140
Mage, lvl 2, Annulian Crystal -175
Mage, lvl 2, Silver Wand, 2 Dispell Scrolls -185

14 Archers -154

17 Phoenix Guard, FC, Banner of Sorcery, The Skeinsliver -360
15 White Lions, FC, Warbanner -280

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers -200

That should be 1494 points.

I was going to put Korhil with the Phoenix Guard, in a 6x3 block, and try to keep the mages with the archers and White Lions. My team mate is going to have some archers too, some dryads, glade riders, a treeman, wild riders and wardancers.

I could give the mage with the dispel scrolls the seerstaff of saphery and a dispel scroll instead??

Any other thoughts on this army? (please be critical)