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    2000 pts highelf list

    okay, so the idea with this list is to minimize the outnumbering gap that is almost always present with highelves and maximize combat ability. I am relativley new to the elves and am trying to find a play style with them that I enjoy and that works. Korhil: 140

    Mage,lvl1,2 scrolls: 140

    Noble, A of C, Amulet of light, great weapon: 133

    2 repeaters: 200

    21 spearmen, full cmd: 214

    15 spearmen, full cmd: 160

    18 phoenix guard,full cmd, warbanner: 320

    14 swordmasters, full cmd, banner of elyrion: 255

    6 silverhelms, full cmd: 178

    6 silverhelms, full cmd: 178

    tiranoc chariot: 85

    i figured there was no need for a prince in this list, ill just take korhils ld 9..he ll go in the PG.....noble with spearmen (figured swordmasters can hold their own)...thoughts, opinions, suggestions..all welcome

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    This looks like a well balanced list. A few suggestions that are only my personal oppinion. make both of the spearelve units 17 strong (18 with a character for 6x3). proxy the Silverhelms as DP in units of 5 with a musician, they hit harder and most of the command on cavalry units for the HE does not justify the points cost, plus if you do not have a standard you do not give away 100 VP if they break. Drop the charriot a get a great eagle to march block/ redirect charges and war machine / mage hunt. I think you would be better using Caradyan instead of korhil ( and I run a chracian list) Korhil is much to easy to kill and Caradyan gives a substancial magical resistance to the PG which means you can save your precious dispel scrolls for other units that might need them (ie the SM/ DP) who are going to be the next units any competent opponent will use magic to attack. Good luck and have fun.
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