For the first time in more than six months I finally WON!!!
Versing a Core-heavy Ogre list I wiped every model from the table without losing a full unit. And here's the glorious list:

Prince on Star Dragon w Star Lance, Armour of Calador

Mage w Lvl 2, Sunfire Gem
BSB w Battle Banner, Dragon Armour, Shield, Lance, Barded Steed

19 Spear Elves w Full Command
16 Sea Guard w Full Command, Lion Standard

10 White Lions, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
9 Silver Helms w Full Command, Shields

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

I used it by concentrating magic and shooting on one or two units per turn and flanking massively with Dragon and Silver Helms while he marched all over the board trying to hunt my Dragon.

His army was

Tyrant w template club
3 Man eaters
and 26 Iron Guts

I am writing to see if my army should of won or whether it was just luck!

Criticism Welcome