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    1500pts second list

    Ho this is my second high elf list that I'm gonna work towards and enter in a tournament someday and I wandered how good it is as I'm very new to warhammer. Here goes:


    Noble 148
    - heavy armour, shield, barded elven steed, star lance
    thinking of dropping the star lance for normal lance and Get some better armour and a dispel scroll.

    Mage 175
    lvl 2 and annulian crystal

    Mage 185
    lvl 2, ring of fury and silver wand

    10 archers 110
    10 archers 110
    15 spearmen185
    banner and champ. Lion standard


    5 dragon princes 235
    full command and banner of ellryion. Champ has dispel scroll

    12 swordmasters 207
    champ with amulet of light

    RBT 100
    great eagle 50
    PD6 and ring of fury
    DD4 and crystal and scroll
    basically the spearmen, dragon princes and swordmasters pushing up and the mages following behind while the archers and the RBT will thin the enemy out. The great eagle can march block, take out warmachine crew and march block.

    Comments? Good? Bad? Say everything you want to say.

    Concerns are star lance is too expensive and too shooty and too much magic

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    I like the star lance a lot, but be sure to use it right. The extra wounds it gives won't break units. Instead issue a challenge to an enemy character as soon as you charge. The Star Lance has a good chance of killing them right off. If you're looking to break units, though, I would suggest your mounted noble become a Battle Standard Bearer. His added static combat resolution can help a unit of cavalry hit and break multiple times, his mobility allows you to reinforce parts of the battle that need the extra courage, and he can usually get an excellent banner (if you can afford it, get banner of battle. +d6 to combat resolution rocks.) Dragon princes aren't bad fighters after the charge, but they are infinitely better on the charge. You should avoid them getting bogged down in stubborn or unbreakable units. Banner of Ellyrion was an okay choice, but keep in mind that only mages can carry dispel scrolls. Dump it for some solid item like the skeinsliver.

    Your magic phase is very balanced. That's great. I normally go offensive (Banner of Sorcery, Starwood staff, etc.) but that's because I normally play against Dwarves. You'll manage both offense and defense, as well as being fairly flexible. Good for you.

    Um... I'm not sure how often you've used swordmasters, but may I just say that marching them straight up the table is bad? Anyone who knows anything about highelves are gonna shoot the bejeebies out of your sword master unit. I usually give them the banner of Ellyrion (give a war banner to the dragon princes) just so I can have them pop out of the forest or from behind cover. Don't advance straight down the middle with them.

    If you're going offensive, I would only take one group of archers in favor of a larger group of spearmen. Stick a mage in there, too. You don't want your mages being picked off, and the best way to prevent that is to stick them in a unit. Keep the eagle. Keep the Eagle's Claw. Both are useful.

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