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    Senior Member Sancraer's Avatar
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    2000pts first list.

    I know it may seem weird to head straight towards 2000pts but I prefer to build towards a target rather than in stages. This army will be a fun list for painting oppurtunities but I still want it to be decent.

    I have the basic layout for the list, but I have 190pts left and I'm not sure what to do with them, please help.

    Mage, lvl2 w/ dispel scroll, seerstaff of saphery, silver wand 210
    Mage, lvl2 w/ dispel scroll, 170
    Korhil, lion chariot 270?

    18 Lothern Guard XXX
    10 Archers XX

    15 White Lions of Chrace 225
    5 Silver Helms 105
    5 Shadow Warriors 80
    5 Shadow Warriors 80
    15 Sword Masters of Hoeth 225

    Repeater Bolt Thrower 100
    Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

    Total= 1805 (need 155pt fillers)

    I was thinking of adding musicians and squad leaders for the extra points.
    I'm also tempted (because it seems funny) to add Silver wand + Radiant Gem of Hoeth to a guy (if thats legal) to get a lvl1 mage with 2 spells.
    If theres any awesome wargear I've missed please point it out as I have only glimpsed through the game mechanics.


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    your list is not to bad, but you said you wanted advice so i'll do my best

    1) First of all, YES, Korhil is nails in a chariot, but he will soak Arrows/Cannons/anything so you want to drop him from that as he'll die rather fast and he's a fair bit of points. its more or less worth sticking him in the White Lion Squad, making them more awesome.

    2) Spearmen Spearmen Spearmen!!! if you can find the points drop the sea guard and stick spearmen in. You dont use them to charge, just March Block and keep the enemy at bay. and if you get charged, Due to martial prowess, Spearmen always fight with Three ranks, with Always Strike first. so its pretty hefty.

    3) Bolt throwers are awesome. nuff said, so good stuff there.

    4) Shadow warriors......meh.....don't really know what to do there. they're by no means bad, but there could be better units, such as phoenix guard.

    5) Silver helms are pretty good, but for a few more pts you can take Dragon princes. Thos are the guys that pwn =]

    6) once again, swordmasters. they're not bad, but they could be replaced.....

    7) 2 mages? to be fair one high elf mage is enough. i admit you can go crazy with spells and the like, but it just seems the pts could be spent elsewhere. keep the one with the seerstaff though. always helpful. and maybe give him some kind of item that will grant him a save, no matter how bad the save may be, its worth him having one

    to be honest mate, you might want to think about bumping it to 2250. that way your over the 2000 pts margin, meaning you can stick in a lord, and have loads of more points to play with.

    Hope this helps mate =]

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    Senior Member Allonairre's Avatar
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    399 (x8)

    I think that it depends on when you want to play this army, if you are building an army for the next 2 months then this is a good start, I would add in a bolt thrower and an eagle. Any longer than that and you start to move into 8th edition which we can only guess at.

    For 8th edition I would assume you will need more core, at least 30% of your points initially.

    The rumours also seem to be suggesting that more power is being given to survivable infantry and Medium Cavalry so Sea-gaurd and Spearmen are a good core bet and White Lions/Phoenix Gaurd and Silver Helms are a good start for Special. There are not many rumours around Skirmishers, Eagles, and Bolt Throwers so they are all a reasonably safe bet as well.

    Oh and S7 won't destroy a chariot so Korhil on Lion Chariot will be golden.
    Cheers Allonairre

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