Ok so I have a tournament coming up in a couple of weeks and I have been playing with a few army lists and this is the first one that I playtested!Any feedback would be appreciated and I will be playtesting a couple of different armies between now and the comp anyway!

Dragonmage of Caledor lvl2
Guardian Phoenix
Gem of sunfire
Total points 440

Level 4 Archmage
Seerstaff of saphery
Ring of fury
Total ponts 330

Level 2 mage
Jewel of the dusk
The skeinsilver
Total points 175

15 spearmen
15 spearmen
10 archers
Total points 380

5 Ellyrian Reavers with bows and spears
5 Ellyrian Reavers with bows and spears
Total points 210

2 Reapter Bolt Throwers
Total points 200

9 Shadow warriors
Total points 152

10 Phoenix guard
standard bearer
banner of sorcery
total points 212

10 Phoenix guard
Total points 150


The mages would be in the 2 phoenix guard groups with the spearmen offering them support!The Reavers and shadow warriors would be used for war machine hunting and march blocking and just causing a general nuisance of themselves giving me a chance to shoot and magic the troublesome groups to death!Well thats the plan lol!I realise I dont have any big heavy hitters in this army but I like playing the hit and run tactic so this army kinda suits me!Any feedback would b appreciated!