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    2500 LOTR THEMED ARMY (First Attempt)

    Hello again everyone. As some of you know i am going to be doing a LOTR themed High Elf army and after reading up on here alot i have put together an army i eventually want to work my way up to. I still am kind of new at fantasy so all thoughts and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Thanks for reading mates!

    LORDS AND HEROES: (810pts.)

    -Eltharion the Grim
    *w/ Stormwing, (Lore of Fire)

    -Mage (Lvl. 2)
    *w/ (Lore of Life), Silver Wand

    -Mage (Lvl.2)
    *w/ (High Magic), Sigil of Asuryan

    CORE: (596pts.)

    -x21 Lothern Sea Guard
    *w/ Champion, Banner, Musician

    -x21 Lothern Sea Guard
    *w/ Champion, Banner, Musician

    SPECIAL: (890pts.)

    -x14 Phoenix Guard (*Lvl. 2 Mage Here*)
    *w/ Keeper of the Flame, Musician, Banner

    -x14 Phoenix Guard (*Lvl.2 Mage Here*)
    *w/ Keeper of the Flame, Musician, Banner

    -x24 Sword Masters
    *w/ Bladelord (Sword of Battle), Banner of Sorcery, Musician

    RARE: (200pts.)

    -x4 Great Eagles

    Total Army: 2496 POINTS

    With this list the idea is to have the eagles harass war machines, my units of swordmasters and phoenix guard providing a hard hitting scary core in the center with my lothern sea guard units for support. With magic i have both Eltharion with fire to cause as much damage as possible and my mages with lore of life and high magic in the phoenix guard units to make them even harder to kill. Also with three mages that will be/should be alot of power dice each magic phase. Also im pretty positive this fits into the new percentages for each category.

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