I'm playing in a GT qualifier tournament soon, so it's still 7th edition for us. The only confirmed fantasy players are skaven and brettonia, both players who were at the tournament last year when I came in second. My list from that tournament can be found here:
http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ml#post1483712 (HE 2000Pt Balanced Friendly/Tourney List)

I've made a couple changes, namely swapping Caradryan for a BSB and an extra mage. Any input would be very much appreciated.

20 Spearmen - 230
Lion Standard

10 Archers - 110

5 Dragon Princes - 215
Banner of Elyrion

10 Phoenix Guard - 180

10 White Lions - 185
Amulet of Light

Tiranoc Chariot - xx

2 RBTs - xxx

1 Eagles - xx

mage - 175
Annulian Crystal

Mage - 140
2 Dispel Scroll

Noble - 143
Armour of Caledor
Great weapon

Prince - 277
Barded Steed
Star Lance
Talisman of Loec
Helm of Fortune
Guardian Phoenix