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    Advice needed for tweaking a 2250pt tournament list.

    First attempt at an 8th ed 2250 army list, for a local semi-competitive tournament:

    Archmage - level 4 (forlaiths robe, seer staff and sacred incense) taking lore of life

    Dragon mage - level 2 (guardian phoenix and silver wand) taking lore of fire

    Battle standard bearer (2 handed weapon, dragon armour and reaver bow)

    2 x 28 Lothern sea guard, full command

    14 x swordmasters, full command (banner of sorcery and skiensliver)

    5 x ellyrian reavers, musician

    2 x tiranoc chariot

    bolt thrower

    I felt that this was a fairly balanced army list, but a little worried about a lack of offensive punch and ways to deal with lots of armour, also unsure which unit to deploy my two characters in...

    Any suggestions/comments/criticisms welcome - have about 5,000pts of helfs (bar dragon princes - cant stand the models) so can put in pretty much anything else as a substitute. Thanks.

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    I like the characters that you have taken, was thinking of trying to fit in a dragon mage into my list somehow, but yeah the think you miss out on in this list is numbers.
    If you fought a shooting army (dwarfs, empire) you may be in trouble.

    I would drop the bolt thrower for 2 eagles, for killing warmachines, tying up shooters(flank charge them), or killing lone characters, or directing attacks on them base to base. When i use a dragon mage i escort him with the eagles. Maybe drop the the reavers and chariots for some pheonix guard or some white lions, WLs kill armoured troops well and pheonix guard are a good bunker for you level 4, then put the banner of socery on them.

    Just play test the army a few times and see how it plays, then tweek it, just know theirs always the option to switch stuff around.
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