Heey guys,

Me and my regular gamegroup are thinking to start an escalation campaign.
I put a 2000 points list together, with in the back of my head the armies of
the people I play against. Which are Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Skaven and Dark elves. Here is the list:

Archmage, lvl 4, Book of Hoeth, Lore of life. 360

Mage, lvl 1, Seerstaff of Saphery, Lore of Shadow 130

Core Units
25 Lothern Seaguard, Full Comm. 345

13 Archers 143

Special Units
17 Swordmasters, Full Comm., Banner of Arcane Protection 310

19 Phoenix Guard, Full Comm., Banner of Sorcery 365

5 Dragon Princes, Full Comm. 200

1 Lion Chariot 140
The Plan
Put Archmage in the PG unit. Put the mage in the archer unit. 1. Try to cast
Throne of Vines as first spell. 2. Then cast Enfeebling Foe with the lvl 2 Mage.
3. Cast The Dwellers from Below with 4 dice for IR (-d3 strenght and then
a strenght test is very nasty). Stick the swordmasters
as fast as I can in combat, same goes for DP and Lion Chariot. Those two
go on one flank and support each other. The LSG and archers try to shoot and
whittle down some ranks. The PG stays back to ensure safety for Archmage and
Banner of Sorcery.

Basically ill try to do this against every army im up against. Please leave a comment,
they are appreciated!

Gr W.