Hey guys. Thanks for the suggestions on my last post. I've since played quite a few games to finely tune more of my options. I took a look at the Adepticon FAQ modified my army to fit the rules and I'm pretty sure I'll be attending Adepticon in April. I don't live too far away from there and decided to just thrust myself into the tournament scene. Have about 4 months to do more tuning, but this is basically what I'm gonna take. Any more suggestions would be great.

Level 4, Book of Hoeth
Lore of Life

Level 2, Annulian Crystal
High Magic

Battle Standard Bearer, Armor of Caledor, Dawn Stone, Great Weapon

19 Sea Guard ran 5x4
Full Command, Shields
Accompanied by the Battle Standard Bearer

20 Sea Guard ran 5x4
Full Command, Shields, War Banner

14 Archers ran 5x3
Accompanied by Level 2 Mage

14 Sword Masters ran 7x2
Full Command, Dispell Scroll, Banner of Arcane Protection

13 Phoenix Guard ran 7x2
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
Accompanied by Level 4 Archmage

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

Total: 2199

I don't have any Calvary, so baiting into flanks is slightly harder, but I've had some luck fighting Skaven with a similar list and didn't have a problem fighting on my own terms. White Lions haven't been doing enough for me. They're a good unit, but I just haven't had any luck with them. I'm a little uncomfortable with a Archmage as my Genreal because of it's frailty but I couldn't find points to fit in a Prince.