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    Nov 2006
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    80 (x2)

    2500pt Tourny List

    Archmage Lvl 4
    - Book of Hoeth

    Mage Lvl 2
    - Seerstaff of Saphery

    Noble BSB
    - Banner of Sorcery

    Archers x18

    Spearmen x 20
    - Full Command

    Lothern Sea Guard x 20
    - Full Command

    Sword Masters x 24
    - Full Command

    White Lions x 15
    - Full Command

    Great Eagle

    Great Eagle



    Pts: 2341

    I'm not sure what to do with the last 159 points. I was thinking including another character, or adding more bodies. I'm definitely open for suggestions. As for lores, I haven't the faintest idea which yet. Considering Life for the Archmage, and High for the Mage.

    No special characters are allowed, so thats why I'm going the BoH instead of Teclis.

    Nights Justice Space Marines
    Eldar Eth Kariel Craftworld
    Spear of Kurnous - High Elf Expeditionary Army

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    Herman1004 Rising Leviathan's Avatar
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    125 (x4)

    Some points:

    * Split the SM unit in 2

    * Buff either the LSG or Spearmen unit and drop the other completely

    * Buff the White Lion unit to 19 and put the BSB here

    * Give the Banner of Sorcery to the WL unit and give the BSB Armour of Caledor and Great Weapon

    * Give a standard bearer and the magic banner that gives flaming attacks to the Archer unit. This will take care of Hydras/Hellpits/anything else with Regeneration. Remember, if a unit with Regeneration suffers an unsaved wound from flaming attacks, it cannot use it's Regeneration Save the rest of the phase. Shoot the Hydra/Hellpit with the Archers, and if it suffers ONE wound, direct all your other ranged attacks at the monster. With 2 RBTs and possibly a large Seaguard unit, it should do the trick in a couple of turns.

    This will leave you with a few spare points I think, depending on what you do with the Spearmen and LSG.

    On lores, definately High Magic with the Lvl. 2 Mage for Curse of Arrow Attraction and Vauls Unmaking, two spells your opponent CANNOT let through, leaving you with some room for mistakes/bad luck with your Lvl. 4. For your Lvl. 4, I'd go with either Shadow or Life, both lores suit the High Elves very good, either reducing or buffing stats is often what swings the battle our way. I find the Lore of Shadow to be best at this for your information.

    Hope it helps, and good luck with the tourny,

    5000p. High Elves
    1000p. Eldar

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