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    Advise needed for a 3000 point army


    Me and my friend recently had a 3,000 point battle. He used Skaven and I used Wood elves. I normally use High elves but as I have never beaten him with them.
    The result was about the same as if I would have used High Elves (I got destroyed).
    If I were to use High Elves, I would use a combination of the following;

    Lords and Heros
    Prince on a dragon, with probably items to give 4+ ward save plus extra attacks.
    Korhil (In a unit of PG)
    Noble - BSB (In a unit of PG)

    Two small units of archers
    One large unit of Sea Gaurd

    A unit of 28 PG
    A unit of 30 SM
    A unit of 10 Dragon Princes

    2 x Bolt throwers

    So this is kind of the set I would go for.
    Obviously the amounts could alter depending on the point wise I had left over.
    I am also thinking now to always add atleast one eagle in.
    As I said even with this type of army list I get completly smashed.
    The army list my friend used was this;


    Grey Seer (Power Scroll, Skalm)

    Warlord (War-litter, Enchanted Shield, Weeping Blade, Obsidion lodestone)


    Cheiftain (BSB, Banner of Discipline, Shield)

    Warlock Engineer (Level One Wizard, Doomrocket)

    Warlock Engineer (Level One Wizard, Skavenbrew)


    40 Stormvermin (Full command, Banner of Clan Superiority, Doomflayer)

    40 Stormvermin (Full command, Doomflayer)

    20 Skavenslaves


    10 Jezzail teams

    14 Rat Ogres (Masterbred Ogre, 3 Packmasters, Skweel Gnawtooth)


    Hell Pit Abomination

    Warp Lightning Cannon x 3

    So can any one tell me where I am going so wrong against this type of army to always lose so badly?
    For example is there units I should be taking more of to counter these?


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    To tell the truth, I have never won against skaven. The doomwheels are virtually impossible to kill. Last time I faced teh dreaded rats he hardly moved his army, and the wheels just went around killing everything. If you're going against the rats, I would suggest staying away from dragons. Huge point sinks, and they have too many ways to shoot them down. Jezzails shoot at S6, dragon killers. The doomwheel's Zzzaaap thing every shooting phase is a Strength(artillary Die) D6 wound shot. And they get three of those. Average is going to be 6+ on strength, so another dragon killer.

    Personal opinion: Swordmasters never belong in units of greater than 15. The ranks simply don't tend to pay for themselves. Two units of 15 would cost the same, you'd get double the attacking models, and double the mobility.

    Aside from that, I can't say much. I'll be reading this thread as well, hoping someone else can offer advice on beating these rats.

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    No magic?? And then again, what items are you giving your BSB? If you're running the Dragon, I'd try to fit at least two lvl 2 Mages in there. Drop Korhil and some PG, the unit is too big for my likings. Also, the SMs work better in smaller units, I'd look into 2 units of 12 models each. I'd also split the DP into 2 units. In the current list you've got very few targets so your opponent has really an easy time with the cannons IMO. If you wanted to you could squeeze an Eagle and/or some Shadow Warriors to counter his ranged department.

    But all in all the biggest problem with your list is in my opinion the lack of magic.

    Hope it helps,

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